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Don’t Listen is a 2020 Spanish horror film about a family renovating an old house when tragic events occur. The grieving father enlists the assistance of a paranormal expert and his daughter while locals refer to “the house of voices”.

Directed by Ángel Gómez Hernández from a screenplay co-written by Ángel Gómez Hernández and Víctor Gado, based on a story by Santiago Díaz, Ángel Gómez Hernández, Víctor Gado and Juan Moreno. Produced by Juan Moreno and Guillermo Sempere.

The movie stars Rodolfo Sancho, Ana Fernández, Ramón Barea, Belén Fabra, Lucas Blas and Nerea Barros.


Don’t Listen is an effective horror movie about ghosts. It is not exactly scary but does have numerous jump scares. There is an interesting mystery that revolves around Eric’s death. Germán and his daughter Ruth are slightly more intriguing characters, with a backstory that deserved to have been expanded upon […] However when the ghosts reveal themselves to be witches, the film takes a different turn.” Forbes

“I think all the actors did good jobs in this movie. The story just did not work for me in most ways. There is a whole witch-element that does nothing good for the movie. Even the jump scares miss the mark for me on most occasions.” Heaven of Horror

” …Don’t Listen tries extremely hard to get the atmosphere right, and while there is a script there and the essence of family togetherness that is compounded by evil, it does lack an actual story, which results in little depth […] The horror is implied for most of the film…” Ready Steady Cut!

” …the distinct Spanish influence is a nice change of pace from the typical Hollywood jump-scare-rife pictures while the third act remains equally as unnerving as the first. While Don’t Listen plays out like a typical paint by numbers horror flick, there’s enough atmosphere and bumps in the night to make it worth a watch.” The Review Geek

“Lacks an emotional connection to any character since their ties to one another are so ordinary and lacks scares since everything attempted has been done to death. Rarely raises a pulse…” Splatter Critic

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Choice dialogue:

Daniel: “Jesus, this house is disgusting.”


The film was released in Spain on July 24th 2020 and on Netflix on November 27th.

Cast and characters:

Rodolfo Sancho … Daniel Belasco
Ana Fernández … Ruth Domingo
Ramón Barea … Germán Domingo
Belén Fabra … Sara Belasco
Lucas Blas … Eric Belasco
Nerea Barros … Sofia Domingo
Beatriz Arjona … Psychologist
José Bermúdez … Young witch
José Luis Lozano … Guardia Civil 1
Rubén Corvo … Guardia Civil 2
Rosa Álvarez … Mujer Pueblo
Álvaro Fontalba … Witch #1
Aitor Toro … Witch #2
Javier Botet … Library visitor
Viti Suárez … Lucas
Peter Van Randen … Sacerdote
Rosa de la Torre … Nell
Jorge Oubel … Ayudante Sacerdote

Technical details:

98 minutes

Original title:

Voces “Voices”

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Our rating:

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