THE ABOMINATIONS OF FRANKENSTEIN (2021) Modern take on classic tale

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‘Stitch by stitch… He created a nightmare!’
The Abominations of Frankenstein is a 2021 Canadian science-fiction horror film about the infamous mad scientist and his enigmatic assistant. The pair is loose in modern-day Ontario, committing horrific acts in order to create a brand-new patchwork nightmare.

Directed by Sébastien Godin (Ouija Mummy; Jekyll vs. HydeBlood Rites of the VampyrDinogoreSlimoids) from a screenplay co-written with Anthony D.P. Mann,

The Modern Prometheus-Melting Man Films-Bleak December production stars the latter (also in Phantom of the Opera 2014; Ghostkeepers; Terror of Dracula), alongside Vicki Bitis (Dinogore), Melissa Radford, aforementioned Sébastien Godin, Steve Walls, Steve Kasan (She Never Died; Covenant; Lifechanger) and Ali Chappell (The Final Ride; Necropolis: Legion).

“The acting in this one is seriously unbelievable. The film’s lead, Anthony D.P. Man, is f*cking brilliant as the great doctor. He delivers one of the best performances I’ve seen in recent years and one that I’m still thinking about days after watching it. The supporting cast does a solid job but this is one film where one cast member outshines the rest.” Horror Society


Cast and characters:
Anthony D.P. Mann … Heinrich Von Frankenstein
Vicki Bitis … Clerval
Melissa Radford … Mary Shelley
Sébastien Godin … The Creature
Steve Walls … Professor Denholm
Steve Kasan … Doctor Gwynn
Ali Chappell … Agatha

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