THE ABOMINATIONS OF FRANKENSTEIN (2021) Modern take on classic tale


‘Stitch by stitch… He created a nightmare!’

The Abominations of Frankenstein is a 2021 Canadian science-fiction horror film about the infamous mad scientist and his enigmatic assistant. The pair is loose in modern-day Ontario, committing horrific acts in order to create a brand-new patchwork nightmare.

Directed by Sébastien Godin (Ouija Mummy; Jekyll vs. HydeBlood Rites of the VampyrDinogoreSlimoids) from a screenplay co-written with Anthony D.P. Mann, the Modern Prometheus-Melting Man Films-Bleak December production stars the latter (also in Phantom of the Opera 2014; Ghostkeepers; Terror of Dracula), alongside Vicki Bitis (Dinogore), Melissa Radford, aforementioned Sébastien Godin, Steve Walls, Steve Kasan (She Never Died; Covenant; Lifechanger) and Ali Chappell (The Final Ride; Necropolis: Legion).

Cast and characters:

Anthony D.P. Mann … Heinrich Von Frankenstein
Vicki Bitis … Clerval
Melissa Radford … Mary Shelley
Sébastien Godin … The Creature
Steve Walls … Professor Denholm
Steve Kasan … Doctor Gwynn
Ali Chappell … Agatha

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