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‘Fear is contagious’

COVID-21: Lethal Virus is a 2020 Spanish science fiction horror film in which a new rabies-based super virus escapes from melting permafrost. An elite special forces group must transport a leading female virologist, who is on the verge of finding a cure, to her lab. However, the terrifying journey is filled with danger, zombies and other threats closer to hand.

Directed by Daniel Hernández Torrado from a screenplay co-written with Nerea Bermúdez, Carlos Sisí Diego de la Concepción, the Virtual World Pictures production stars Christian Stamm, Lee Partridge, Ramon Álvarez, Tomás Paredes and Loretta Hope.


” …the film leans into its clichés and despite a promising start, devolves into a forgettable and disappointingly bland zombie flick. It’s a shame too because tonally the opening moments include some nice self-aware jokes that hint toward this playing into horror comedy territory. In fact, had the movie leaned into the absurdity of its premise a little it may have become a fun horror-comedy mash-up.” The Review Geek

Release date:

Lethal Virus will be available on DVD and Digital in the USA on July 27, 2021

Alternate titles:

Contamination: Virus-21 and Lethal Contagion


Corona Zombies



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