#LIKE (2019) Reviews and overview of noir psychological thriller


‘The story of a girl who writes her own ending…’

#Like is a 2019 American psychological thriller about a young woman who wreaks vengeance on the man who caused her younger sister’s suicide.

Written and directed by Sarah Pirozek, the movie stars Marc Menchaca, Sarah Rich, Jolene Marquez, Liz Meinders, Dakota Lustick and Samantha Nicole Dunn.


Woodstock teenager, Rosie (Sarah Rich), is mourning her younger sister Amelia’s death when she discovers a mysterious man, (Marc Menchaca), who exploited and bullied her sister, is back on-line, trolling for new victims.


When the local police refuse to investigate, Rosie finds a darker side she never knew she had, as she decides to take justice into her own hands. Her pursuit of the man leads her down a murky path raising burning questions, will she find him? And if she does… then what? When does the victim become the perpetrator? Will justice prevail? How will Rosie come out of this intact?


“When it comes to Rosie’s decision making regarding her revenge, #Like loses its way. She is understandably vindictive and consumed by grief for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, the movie does not depict her this way. She is seen as a dime-store feminist who acts on impulses that leads to horrible decisions.” AIPT

” …we have to admit we don’t quite know what to make of the Sarah Pirozek-directed film, #Like. It’s certainly film noir at its best keeping us guessing right until the end whilst also keeping it extremely dark and deep. We weren’t ready for this and we’re sure you aren’t too.” Celeb Mix


“In a few short scenes, the credits barely complete, Pirozek establishes tone, relationships, and expectations. #Like isn’t a film driven by some manufactured coming-of-age drama, but by a loss of innocence, a shunting of purity to be replaced by beguiling adulthood. With simple staging and a persistent grainy hue over the whole film (hat tip to director of photography Brian Jackson), #Like pulses with the energy of a ‘70s thriller.” Elements of Madness

“In arriving at a final conclusion, Rosie has many encounters with men. Each, in his turn, displays nice and creepy attributes in equal measure. The central message from director Sarah Pirozek is the essentially feminist one that men, as a class, cannot be trusted […] A slick, modern, interesting film. And one that may, I fear, quite outrage a lot of men. #LOL” Eye for Film

“In spite of its flaws, the film has timely, poignant things to say about what it is to be a girl / young woman in the digital age. Rather than go too hard on the commentary itself, Pirozek opts to create a twisty, noir-ish tale that keeps the audience guessing […] Rich delivers a powerhouse performance as Rosie. Her vulnerability and power alike are what drive the plot. Watching her journey is as exciting as it is disturbing.” Father Son Holy Gore

“A strong filmmaking debut for award-winning writer-director-producer Sarah Pirozek, in spite of #Like‘s stumbles, the film makes you mighty curious to see what she will do next. Bolstered by an instantly relatable premise that — as a woman both online and in the real world — definitely hits home, #Like ends on a note of pitch-perfect unease that you’ll immediately want to discuss with a friend.” Film Intuition

“It sheds light on the total shadiness of internet culture as well as the monster’s grief, can build out of us. It’s a feminist horror masterpiece, minus the blood and guts you’ll usually find within movies in the same genre.  If you like twist-filled-revenge-thrillers, this should be the next movie on your watch list.” Film Threat

#Like is a thriller that puts us into a situation where we get to see how somebody believes they should be dealing with a potential online troll, it will balance the line of not having the real evidence to make this a reality or not […] In what is trying to create extra thrills, we go through the typical interrogation sequences, which will see minor additions to the bigger picture.” Movies Review 101

“This is a fascinating tale for the #MeToo era for sure, thought-provoking, realistic and disarming in equal measure […] The cinematography, from Brian Jackson, is dreamy, summery, and wistful, giving the impression of teens enjoying a never-ending vacation […] This is a very feminine film, with Pirozek’s influence seeping into each frame. It’s a harsh story told delicately and with real feeling.” Wicked Horror


#Like will be released on VOD on January 26, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Marc Menchaca … The Man
Jeff Wincott … Detective Horne
Ramon Nuñez … Ray Boy
Sarah Rich … Rosie
Samantha Nicole Dunn … Amelia
Patricia Pinto … Mom
Dakota Lustick … Rory
Liz Meinders … D’rea
Jolene Marquez … Stacy
Marin Gazzaniga … Melissa

Technical details:

93 minutes



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