DREAMCATCHER (2021) Preview of underground dance music horror


‘Get ready for a killer night out’

Dreamcatcher is a 2021 American horror film about two sisters and their friends, who become entrenched in a 48 hour whirlwind of violence – which began after a traumatic experience at an underground dance music festival.

Written and directed by Jacob Johnston, making his feature debut, the movie stars Niki Koss, Zachary Gordon, Travis Burns, Blaine Kern III, Olivia Sui, Emrhys Cooper, Elizabeth Posey, Nazanin Mandi, Adrienne Wilkinson, Lou Ferrigno Jr.


Dylan, known to his fans as DJ Dreamcatcher, is on the brink of global stardom. Everything changes the night of Cataclysm, an underground dance music festival, where two estranged sisters and their friends meet Dylan. After a drug-fueled gruesome event, things begin to spiral into a 48-hour whirlwind of violence and mayhem…


Dreamcatcher will be released by Samuel Goldwyn theatrically in select locations, On-Digital and On-Demand on March 5, 2021.

Director’s comment:

Dreamcatcher is an amalgamation of unfiltered passion and creativity. The cast and crew bonded like family – and the result was an incomparable chemistry that, I believe, enhances the experience from a typified, independent film. I only get to tell this story once – and I wanted it to be thrilling and poignant, progressive and innovative — we must not forget that the second enemy of creativity, after having ‘good taste’, is being safe.”

Cast and characters:

Travis Burns … Dylan
Lou Ferrigno Jr. … Colton
Zachary Gordon … Jake
Adrienne Wilkinson … Josephine
Nazanin Mandi … Kya
Niki Koss … Pierce
Olivia Sui … Raye
Elizabeth Posey … Ivy
Blaine Kern III … Hunter
Krystal Vayda … Victoria
Ben J. Pierce … Scott
Al Calderon … Zeke
Ryan Powers
Jaime Gallagher … Lady Macdeath
Emrhys Cooper … Brecken
Kareena Clark … VIP Hostess
Henriett Novak … Attractive Bartender
Julia Fae … Bre
Bijon Hill … Young Assistant
Jay Sincere … Dylan’s Bodyguard
Grace Rizzo … Eve
Thomas Bert … Alex

Technical details:

108 minutes