100 DAYS TO LIVE (2019) Review and preview of serial killer thriller


‘Time is running out’

100 Days to Live is a 2019 American thriller film about a serial killer who abducts a young female health professional’s fiancé boyfriend- now she must race against the clock to discover the identity of the killer, and more importantly – his motive.

Written, produced and directed by Ravin Gandhi – making his feature debut – the Power Law Productions-Red Guerilla Productions movie stars Colin Egglesfield, Gideon Emery, Heidi Johanningmeier and Yancey Arias.


Haunted by the tragic death of her mother, Rebecca Church has dedicated her life to the mental health profession. Recently engaged to Gabriel Weeks, a handsome and successful options trader, Rebecca finally seems happy.

However, when her fiancé suddenly disappears, leaving behind a chilling photo album, Rebecca learns he was abducted by a serial killer dubbed The Savior, who stalks his victims for 100 days before killing them.

Rebecca must work with detectives Jack Byers and Greg Neese in a race against the clock once she discovers The Savior is a former colleague named Victor Quinn, whom she thought had committed suicide…


100 Days to Live is released by Cinedigm on Digital, On-Demand and DVD on February 2, 2021.


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Cast and characters:

Colin Egglesfield … Gabriel Weeks
Gideon Emery … Victor Quinn
Heidi Johanningmeier … Rebecca Church
Yancey Arias … Jack Byers
Chris Johnson … Greg Neese
Charin Alvarez … Louisa
Sarah Brooks … Tanya Williams
Nathaniel Buescher … Max
Tai Davis … Nurse Melody
Ravin Gandhi … Harry Park
Renu Gandhi … Mother Park (scenes deleted)
Torrey Hanson … Gil Church
Callie Johnson … Christy (scenes deleted)
Maura Kidwell … Maggie
Sarah Loveland … Sarah Weeks

Filming locations:

Chicago, Illinois

Technical details:

87 minutes


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