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Brain Freeze is a 2021 Canadian comedy horror film about a biotech company that inadvertently creates zombies via fertilizer at a golf club.

Written and directed by Julien Knafo, the the Palomar production stars Iani Bédard, Roy Dupuis, Marianne Fortier and Anne-Élisabeth Bossé.


An exclusive golf club in a gated community hires a biotech company to deploy fertilizer that melts the snow so members can enjoy 18 holes all year round.

When the treatment contaminates the local water supply and turns most of the locals on a quarantined island into zombies, teenage André (Iani Bédard) is left to fend for himself and his baby sister Annie…


“The dry humor won’t land for those that prefer more overt, slapstick style comedy, and some ideas introduced get left dangling. It may not be a modern reinvention, but Brain Freeze does wield its satire in an engaging way that keeps this zombie comedy moving along at a quick and entertaining pace.” Bloody Disgusting

Brain Freeze purports to be something so much more than the average zombie movie, but it never fulfills its promise. While the zombies presented here certainly are different, the movie itself can never decide what kind of horror movie it wants to be. Knafo jumps back and forth between schlocky zombie movie and serious science fiction film about the damage corporations can inflict.” Cinema Crazed

“The effects can be a bit kitschy, but fit the tone well enough. The story kind of reverts to genre form toward the end, but by then he and his film have built more goodwill than a conventional finale can squander. I suspect Brain Freeze is going to play better in its home city than it necessarily will elsewhere since it’s a bit rough around the edges. Still, future zombie movies could do worse than taking a page from what Knafo does here…” eFilmCritic

” …Brain Freeze is a film that flirts with greatness, without ever quite reaching the yummy brains of success. That doesn’t mean Knafo’s film isn’t fun though. Brain Freeze is a riot. It won’t chill you to your core, but it’s that rare zombie flick that shambles onto the scene with a fresh approach that works as an entertaining callback to a time when zombie films were a little weirder and goopier.” Killer Horror Critic

“A keen eye will clock the link between government and media that culminates in a dark realisation that at the end of the day, all we have is each other. Even if you’re not interested in the moral critiques underlying the feature and are just looking for a good, fun zombie film, you won’t be disappointed. With some interesting cinematography and genuinely funny moments, Brain Freeze managed the difficult feat of bringing some sense of originality to something we horror fans know inside out.” Love Horror

“The film is unique in a lot of ways, and even with the slow start, the pacing settles in quick enough to not cause any major issues. There is some great cinematography, and a solid ending too. Overall, this movie is a total blast! It may not be perfect, but viewers are sure to have a really good time!” Mama’s Geeky

“For a zombie-comedy, the film could have offered a bit more horror or a bit more satire to keep the pacing of Brain Freeze consistent throughout, but the commentary on the power of alarmists and some likable characters makes the film overall a fun snowy-undead romp.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“A very different type of zombie film, this French-Canadian production has an eco-message but doesn’t get bogged down with it, preferring to get straight into the neck-munching […] For the most part, it’s an amusing and well-made movie, but don’t be expecting a gore-filled romp.” Starburst

“There’s some nice chemistry between Bédard and Dupuis which adds a level of believability to the teaming of the cell phone and selfie-obsessed teen and the survivalist security guard who loathes technology and can barely manage his flip phone […] Brain Freeze is fast-paced, fun, and gives you something to think about.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Brain Freeze had its world premiere at the 2021 virtual Fantasia International Film Festival. Film Option will distribute Brain Freeze in Canada on a date to be announced. Cinedigm acquired U.S. rights to Brain Freeze for release later in 2021.

Cast and characters:

Iani Bédard … André
Roy Dupuis … Dan
Marianne Fortier … Patricia
Anne-Élisabeth Bossé … Josée
Claudia Ferri … Camila
Mylène Mackay … The Protocole
Stéphane Crête … Michel
Louis-Georges Girard … Marcel
Mahée Paiement … Maud
Simon-Olivier Fecteau … Patrick Nault
Jean Pierre Bergeron … Minister of public security
Marie-Lyne Joncas … Radio Producer
Sebastien Beaulac … Soldat #1
Robert D’Entremont … Security Guard

Filming locations:

Montreal, Québec, Canada

Technical details:

French language | English dubbed

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