DIRTY FEARS (2021) Reviews and overview


Dirty Fears is a 2021 Italian horror film about an escaped mental patient who takes possession and care of a mysterious mountain motel. What was once a place for rest and relaxation becomes a place of nightmares.

Written and directed by Carlo Fusco (Paradise Valley; Sins), the movie stars Sokol Martin Pepkolaj, Ieva Lykos, Melina Arena, Michael Madsen and Eric Roberts.


“I hate to be outright with it, but this is just pure sh*thouse filmmaking. Every element is cheap, ham-handed, and incompetent to a degree that at least makes you shake your head and laugh. Nothing makes a goddamned bit of sense, and it’s written like someone aiming for high drama but hits Tommy Wiseau level of obliviousness.” Dustin Baker

“I’ve seen plenty of terrible movies. But this is one of the worst. It’s senseless, lifeless and an excruciatingly boring piece of 💩 💩.” Pascale Grenier

Cast and characters:

Sokol Martin Pepkolaj … Killer
Ieva Lykos … Ieva
Melina Arena … Melina
Francesco David Clemente … Lawyer
Michael Madsen … Michael
Ilaria Malvezzi … Ilaria
Eleonora Puglia
Eric Roberts … Eric

Filming locations:

Passo Tel Tonale Trento, Italy


Ignore the obviously fake 10/10 reviews on IMDb.