ONCE UPON A NIGHTMARE (2021) Reviews of horror anthology

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Mother Noose Presents: Once Upon a Nightmare is a 2021 American horror anthology film involving fairy tales retooled for an adult audience.

Directed by Dan Beck (segment: ‘The Real Boy’), Eric E. Poe (segment: ‘Through the Woods’) and Richard Tanner (segments: “Breadcrumbs” “Sinderella” “The Big Bad” “The Little Red Hood” “Mother Noose and the Assitant”)

Join Mother Noose as she corrupts your mind with sinister tales for Cinderella, mutilates your sense with a horrendous rendition of Hansel and Gretel and tears your soul apart with The Three Little Pigs.

“Having a low budget is nothing to hold against a film, nor should it be a crutch for bad filmmaking […] and with this, I felt like I was watching someone who was still figuring out the craft. I use the student film comparison because there’s definite promise and creativity somewhere in this film, but it’s hindered by lack of experience and self-indulgence.” Cine Dump

“The stories in this one are mostly grim spins on classic fairly tales and it works. The horror take on fantasy stories was just purely entertaining. It’s been a long time since I found myself having this much fun with an anthology. The pacing is solid and each story has their own memorable moments.” Horror Society

“An obviously very low budget effort, Mother Noose Presents Once Upon a Nightmare manages to deliver a mostly fun collection of stories despite its limitations. The effects are, for the most part, basic practical makeup but they get the point across. The creature from “Through the Woods” looks excellent despite being cobbled together out of a pair of costumes from another film.” Voices from the Balcony


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