WAR OF THE MONSTERS (2021) Preview of British creature feature with trailer


War of the Monsters is a 2021 British monster movie about giant creatures that have awoken to take back the planet.

Directed by Jack Peter Mundy (Dinosaur Hotel; Amityville Cornfield) from a screenplay written by Shannon Holiday, the movie stars Chrissie Wunna, Aimee Marie Higham, Stephen Staley, Chelsea Greenwood and Antonia Johnstone.

Cast and characters:

Chrissie Wunna … May Steel
Aimee Marie Higham … Donna Smith
Stephen Staley … Soldier Bryan
Chelsea Greenwood … Mel Vanderwoods
Antonia Johnstone … Brenda McDonald
Sofia Lacey … Sam Tidel
Kate Singleton … News Reporter
Kate Sandison … Lyn Chambers