MONSTERS OF WAR (2021) Review of creature feature – now free to watch online



‘There’s nowhere to hide’

Monsters of War is a 2021 British monster movie about giant creatures that have awoken to take back the planet.

Directed by Jack Peter Mundy (Easter Killing; The Legend of Jack and Jill; Dinosaur HotelAmityville Scarecrow) from a screenplay written by Shannon Holiday, the movie stars Chrissie Wunna, Aimee Marie Higham, Stephen Staley, Chelsea Greenwood and Antonia Johnstone.


” …yet another low effort Z grade British horror movie but somehow worse than many of them. This is just a bunch of bad actors overacting in a large mansion while a bunch of not full rendered assets run around outside […] The worst part though is how lazy this whole thing is. I get that it has a tiny budget, but it feels like it is doing the bare minimum effort.” Arkham Knight Rider

“I cannot imagine a single redeeming feature of this film. The acting is so wooden that cardboard cutouts would have been far superior to any of the performances rendered by this cast. The plot is contrived in the worst sense of the term and is almost a stream of consciousness affair.” Gerald Lee Jones

Cast and characters:

Chrissie Wunna … May Steel
Aimee Marie Higham … Donna Smith
Stephen Staley … Soldier Bryan
Chelsea Greenwood … Mel Vanderwoods
Antonia Johnstone … Brenda McDonald
Sofia Lacey … Sam Tidel
Kate Singleton … News Reporter
Kate Sandison … Lyn Chambers


Previously titled War of the Monsters


Full film free to watch online:

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