THE LEGEND OF JACK AND JILL (2021) Review and free to watch online



‘Bodies come tumbling after’

The Legend of Jack and Jill is a 2021 British horror film about several grieving friends who meet up only to discover they are being hunted. A ghoulish retelling of the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill.

Directed by Jack Peter Mundy (Monsters of War; Easter Killing; Dinosaur HotelAmityville Scarecrow) from a screenplay written by Tom Jolliffe (Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction; Witches of Amityville Academy; Tooth Fairy: The Root of Evil) with additional writing by Scott Jeffrey and Jack Peter Mundy.

Produced by prolific Scott Jeffrey (director of The MutationBad Nun: Deadly VowsDon’t SpeakCupidClownDoll) and visual effects designer Rhys Waterfield (Dragon Fury).

The Jagged Edge production stars Sarah T. Cohen (Medusa;  HellKatCupidWitches of Amityville Academy),  Abi Casson Thompson (HellKatRise of the MummyThe Candy Witch), Sofia Lacey (Monsters of War; Summoning Bloody Mary; Dinosaur Hotel), Danielle Ronald, Jo Barker, Antonia Whillans and Lee Hancock.

The soundtrack score was composed by Andy Fosberry (Crocodile Vengeance; Spider in the Attic; Easter Killing; The Mutation; Hatched).



“There is a good script sitting at the heart of this one but it’s just brought to life in the wrong way – characters are too one-dimensional; performances are all over the place; the plot points often laboured, and the notions around suicide and grief get lost in the low-budget nature of the production.” Nerdly


A US release is slated for June 4, 2022. However, The Legend of Jack and Jill is already available to watch for free online on YouTube (link below).




Cast and characters:

Sarah T. Cohen … Bearnice
Abi Casson Thompson … LuLu
Sofia Lacey … Janey Fleming
Danielle Ronald … Carla
Jo Barker … Mother
Antonia Whillans … Jill
Lee Hancock … Jack
Beatrice Fletcher … Eden
Clint Gordon … Danny
Jay O’Connell … Greg
Heaven-Leigh Spence … Tamsin
Alfie Henton … Young Jack
Daisy Hamilton … Young Jill
Ellis Tustin … Male Orderly

Technical details:

91 minutes


The Curse of Humpty Dumpty (2021)

Full film free to watch online:

MOVIES and MANIA says:

On the positive, there’s some “stunning” English countryside scenery (with a washed-out colour corrected look to reflect the dour subject matter) and the acting is more naturalistic than in most other Scott Jeffrey productions. On the downside, there is once again a curiously odd focus on loss, guilt and misplaced relationships rather than the viscera the film’s audience is certainly expecting.

A greater degree of characterisation is always welcome in low budget genre offerings, however the film lacks the Sawney Bean and Hills Have Eyes-vibe it needed to succeed. And as is often the case in these low-budget UK productions, the story unfolds languidly with hardly any suspense, tension or bloodletting until the final fifteen minutes; so pacing is an issue. Jack and Jill’s putty-face makeup is also unfortunate. Nonetheless, this is a more agreeable effort than many other cheapo Brit flicks of its ilk.

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