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‘Evil still reigns in Amitville’
Amityville Scarecrow is a 2021 British supernatural horror film about a summer camp that is about to open to unwitting guests. However, there is something evil that lurks on the land…

Directed and photographed by Jack Peter Mundy (Easter Killing; The Legend of Jack and Jill; Monsters of War; Dinosaur Hotel) from a screenplay written by Shannon Holiday (Rise of the Mummy; The Leprechaun’s Game; Tooth Fairy; Bride of the Scarecrow).

The Jagged Edge Productions movie stars Nicola Wright (HatchedDragon FuryDon’t Speak), Marek Lichtenberg (Bats), Barbara Dabson (Conjuring the Genie; The Mutation; Rise of the Mummy; The Candy Witch), Amanda-Jade Tyler (Hatched; Bad Nun: Deadly Vows; Medusa) and Andrew Rolfe (The Mutation; Dragon Fury; Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction).

Our review:
Amityville Scarecrow soon gets bogged down with way too much backstory involving a predatory male and some baffling Yank/UK accent clashes and detail (it seems to be set in Britain yet the emergency services are called via 911?). That said, the cast is definitely a step above the norm for this type of film and the very brief – very brief – action involving the titular villain is reasonably effective.

Alas, it seems that time and time again relationship drama is the focus over actual scares and excitement in cheap Brit horror because words are cheaper than action. It can’t be what the intended demographic wants and films such as Amityville Scarecrow will most likely soon be forgotten.

The online movie market is now so fragmented and releases come so quick there seems no critical analysis, feedback or chance for any reflection from filmmakers or even would-be fans. This is a shame as there are undoubtedly some talented creatives and actors who have been given chance to flourish during the rapid opening up of online and digital opportunities. Amityville Scarecrow isn’t crap but it’s a wasted opportunity; another churn it out fast production to be followed by another dozen. Which seems a shame for the obvious talents of some of those involved more than anything.

Other reviews:
“There’s a scarecrow that gets possessed by the spirit of a child-touching handyman so… you know, I guess there’s an Elm Street in Amityville. That said, the scarecrow looks pretty scary in a few scenes, which is more than you can usually expect from these films.” B&S About Movies

” …there’s the usual confusion about where the film is set; the campsite seems British for example, but at some point in the movie it’s investigated by a very US looking cop […] the movie follows the pattern of many of its ilk: two thirds talk, one third running and hiding from the titular creature. Amityville Scarecrow isn’t terrible, just formulaic and rather unimaginative.” Dark Eyes of London

“Once it shows up, the scarecrow is fairly creepy looking even if it’s obviously a man in a mask and costume with straw stuck in it. And, as a supernatural slasher, he at least provides for a decent, if rather bloodless, final act […] It’s not the worst film I’ve seen with Amityville in the title either. It’s a watchable low-budget horror with some good moments if you can get through all the talk and soap opera dramatics.” Voices from the Balcony

Amityville Scarecrow was released on 5th September 2021.

Cast and characters:
Nicola Wright … Lydia
Marek Lichtenberg … James
Barbara Dabson … Sadie
Amanda-Jade Tyler … Tina
Andrew Rolfe … Derek
Jon Callaway … James
Chelsea Greenwood … Lucy
Kate Sandison … Mary
Sofia Lacey … Harriet
Richard Lovell … Scarecrow

Technical details:
1 hour 24 minutes

Film facts:
Originally announced as Amityville Cornfield


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