AMITYVILLE CORNFIELD (2021) Preview of British camping horror


Amityville Cornfield is a 2021 British supernatural horror film about a summer camp that is about to open to unwitting guests. However, there is something evil that lurks on the land…

Directed by Jack Peter Mundy (Prototype; War of the Monsters; Dinosaur Hotel) from a screenplay written by Shannon Holiday (Rise of the Mummy; The Leprechaun’s Game; Tooth Fairy; Bride of the Scarecrow), the movie stars Nicola Wright, Marek Lichtenberg, Barbara Dabson and Amanda-Jade Tyler.

Cast and characters:

Nicola Wright … Lydia
Marek Lichtenberg … Jamesg
Barbara Dabson … Sadie
Amanda-Jade Tyler … Tina
Andrew Rolfe … Derek
Jon Callaway … James
Chelsea Greenwood … Lucy
Kate Sandison … Mary
Sofia Lacey … Harriet
Richard Lovell … Scarecrow

Release date:

5th September 2021.


There is currently no trailer available for Amityville Cornfield