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‘Death is on her side.’

Death on Scenic Drive is a 2017 Canadian horror film about a young woman on a housesitting that takes a dark turn.

Written, co-produced and directed by Gabriel Carrer (The Demolisher; Kill; Desperate Souls).

The Latefox Pictures-Smak Studios production stars Ry Barrett (The Heretics; Kingdom Come; If a Tree Falls), Jessica Vano (The Demolisher; Tormented) and Christian Burgess – The Demolisher

The soundtrack synth score was composed by Starsky Partridge.


A young woman named Larissa (Stephanie Ash) takes a housesitting job in the secluded, snow-covered countryside. What she expects to be a simple, relaxing job – soon takes a dark, twisted turn.

While exploring the property, she discovers a set of disturbing drawings that include illustrations of satanic symbols. This leads to the appearance of an entity that haunts the property. Its goal is to transform Larissa into Death itself! She reins a violent storm against Dallas Henson (Ry Barrett) and the family that resides next door…


” …this soundscape is assaultive and might do more to scare away potential viewers than the bursts of shocking, transgressive violence that blow out as the movie progresses. Death is not a fun movie. It’s all style and psychosis. It’s angry and frustrated and mean […] Death on Scenic Drive wants to hurt you with its audio/visual bludgeoning and it does exactly that.” Coming Soon

“It is a maverick horror movie which reminds of the works (respectively cuttings) of Nicolas Winding Refn latest works and which focuses on atmosphere – 100 per cent. It is a matter of completeness that one has to state: This is an experience, a pure pleasure – but only in theatres!” Deep Red Radio

“[Gabriel Carrer] fluidly blends genres like horror, scifi, underground thriller, experimental and psychedelic narratives, and that’s all at play in Death on Scenic Drive. With a little bit of gore, a ton of mystery, palpable suspense, the perfect location, a central plot that hasn’t been beaten to death yet, and a super cute dog (I love animals…), this one was a surprise hit.” Horror Society

” …up-and-coming director Gabriel Carrer finally proves that his talent is limited to just a few beautiful and sounding montages […] a gossamer, barely existent plot leads to nothing but involuntary comedy, exhausting artistic proficiency and excessive redundancy. A total failure.” Movie Break [translated from German]

“On the surface, people will be able to appreciate the atmospheric haunt of a mysterious house and the noises that go bump at night. Others may catch on to a deeper story and understanding that there is something more sinister under the surface. And other people might not have the patience and blame the film for their limited attention span.” The Movie Jerks

Death on Scenic Drive is a resounding success that attempts to go a different route and succeeds. It’s an excellent example of how superb visuals, good sound effects, and a powerful score can positively impact a picture. While admittedly not for everyone, this is still one of the best indie horror films of the year.” The Movie Sleuth

” …the first 40 plus minutes of this 75-minute horror that is Death on Scenic Drive is the slowest parts of the film. But it’s the remaining moments that’ll grab you as Larissa’s possession takes hold. And it’s just an insane ride from then on. The body count isn’t high, but it’s what she does that left me in awe – and she doesn’t hold back!” The Other View

“If it hadn’t been for the clever use of lighting, some great cinematography and the awesome soundtrack this movie wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good as it was. The plot was pretty bare bones with a lot of the film just being someone creeping around a house, but was helped by some good special effects.” The Rotting Zombie


Death on Scenic Drive was released by Terror Films on multiple digital platforms on November 17, 2017.

Cast and characters:

Stephanie Ash … Larissa
Ry Barrett … Dallas
Jessica Vano … Alice
Keena … Keena
Jeff Ash … Rob
Amanda Lamarre … Susan
Brianna Lamarre … Melissa
Faith Singleton … Katie
Matthew Ninaber … Police Officer 1
Christian Burgess … Cult Recruiter

Filming locations:

Brantford and Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Full film free to watch online:

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