SHARK HUNTRESS (2021) preview of sci-fi actioner with trailer


‘She wants revenge… It wants blood.’

Shark Huntress is a 2021 American science-fiction action film about a young female environmentalist who encounters a deadly enhanced shark.

Directed by John Riggins from a screenplay co-written by Dustin Alexandre III and Dante Delmare. Produced by Randheer Singh Kalsi and Katarina Greguskova.

The Green Apple Productions-Del Mare Pictures-Grey Films co-production stars Katrina Grey, Dean Alexandrou, John Buster Flano, Russell Geoffrey Banks, Eve Cerda, Gorden Lewis Rimmer, Zarish Ali, Ting Sue, Bonnie Zellerbach and Randy Kalsi.


Sheila (Katrina Grey), an environmentalist venturing into the deep sea to investigate the billion-dollar plastic industry encounters a deadly enhanced shark. She wants revenge… the shark wants blood.