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‘Some secrets should remain buried’

The Kindred is a 2021 British horror film about a young woman suffering from amnesia trying to solve why her father committed suicide. Thereafter, she is haunted by the ghosts of children that she begins to suspect were murdered by him.

Directed by Jamie Patterson from a screenplay written by Christian J. Hearn. Produced by Stephen Jarvis and Tracy Jarvis (Anna and the Apocalypse).

The Parkhouse Pictures-AMP International-Jump Start Productions movie stars April Pearson, James Cosmo, James Dreyfus, Samantha Bond and Patrick Bergin.


After her father reveals some shocking news and then commits suicide in front of her, Helen is immediately involved in a car accident leaving her in hospital in a coma. When she wakes up, she learns she has given birth to baby Heidi, but she’s also suffering from amnesia and can’t remember what it was he told her.


Soon, she starts being haunted by the ghosts of children and is compelled to piece together the events that led to her father’s death. But what do the missing Stoneworth kids and a maniac they call Sackhead have to do with the mystery?


“Helen’s internal suffering and her desperation to find closure make her sympathetic and someone to care for. And yet, even with a lot of decent suspense and character depth working in its favor, The Kindred drops the ball with its ending. An ending that strives to say something, but ultimately, makes for a muddied message that does little to elevate what the film’s themes are attempting to explore.” Bloody Disgusting

The Kindred features some stunning performances, a chilling plot, and an honest portrayal of the struggles of being a parent. A riveting and effective tale with a bleak conclusion, The Kindred is the perfect bridge between British television drama and independent horror.” The Hollywood News

“With all these hauntings, traumas, and general domestic strife, I should probably warn you that the overall tone is pretty miserable […] Considering everything that happens to the poor family at the center of Kindred, the misery is not unwarranted, but so much of it didn’t have to turn out the way it did. This is a tragic film in the sense of dwelling on what might have been.” Horror Obsessive

” …this is a small-scale genre picture – with whispery performances, a fairly gloomy look, a few too many passages of rote exposition, some neat misdirection, a couple of shocks, and a general air of crushing gloom shared with quite a few British horror films of the last few years.  You get a sense from the outset that solving the puzzle isn’t going to make anyone happy.” The Kim Newman Website

“On the one hand, it is a psychological study of a woman unravelling with post-partum anxieties about maternity and familial legacy. On the other, it is a tale of the supernatural and the unrestful dead[…] It is also a Christian parable […] This overabundance of plotting allows Patterson to keep veering violently from one narrative strand to the next, wrong-footing the viewer multiple times along the way.” Projected Figures

“Director Jamie Patterson doesn’t seem to want to commit to making a horror movie, and as such, when the shocks come, they are contrived and obvious. The main character’s recovery speed is unbelievable, as is her jump to bringing a psychic investigator into the flat. He’s depicted by Steve Oram, who only adds unwanted and unintentional comedy…” Starburst

“Despite its flaws and a couple of overly obvious developments, The Kindred is an above-average hybrid thriller with several good twists, creepy moments, and an ending that will stick with you.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

The Kindred had its world premiere at the 2021 Arrow Video FrightFest in London on August 26, 2021.

In the USA, Vertical Entertainment will release The Kindred theatrically in select locations and On-Demand on January 7th 2022.

Cast and characters:

Patrick Bergin … Father Monroe
James Cosmo … Frank Menzies
Samantha Bond … Gillian Burrows
James Dreyfus … Mr. Mulvaney
Blake Harrison … Greg Tullet
April Pearson … Helen Tullet
Kirsty Dillon … Trisha
Robbie Gee … Detective Shepherd
Tahirah Sharif … Sue
Jimmy Yuill … Robert
Steve Oram … Stuart Hoskins
Madeleine Kelly … Rose
Lee Nicholas Harris … Arresting officer
Patricia Franklin … Johanna
Erin Austen … Party Guest
Conor Boru … Constable Tenant
Ella Jarvis … Anna
Ruben Crow … James Collins
Jason Rush … Minnie’s Dad
Katherine Moran … Party Guest
Jared Rogers … Forensic Officer
Andreina Sambucetti … Arresting officer
Scarlett Annandale … Heidi Tullet
Vicki Davids … Paramedic
Oscar da Silva … Young Thug
Pete Bury … Detective
Elvis Lucy … Carl
Chaand Sujanani … Charlie
Eva Rush … Caroline
Isla Rush … Minnie
Alex Attridge … Roger

Technical details:

94 minutes


Not to be confused with The Kindred (1986) or Kindred (2020).


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