THE RIGHTEOUS (2021) Reviews and now with a clip



The Righteous is a 2021 Canadian horror drama film about a man who is visited by a mysterious stranger and feels the wrath of his god.

Written and directed by Mark O’Brien. Produced by Mark O’Neill and Allison White. The Panoramic Pictures production stars Henry Czerny, Mark O’Brien and Mimi Kuzyk.



The Righteous is an exciting debut feature, a slow-burn character study with excellent performances to keep it moving and brilliant aesthetics. The tone and pace are deliberate and well defined, and those viewers who will connect with this one will connect with it profoundly.” Awesome Friday

The Righteous is less interested in shocking its audience than it is in exploring what happens when these men revise their notion of fate, reconcile with their past and pay the price for their sins. It’s murky and engrossing, slow and methodical […] The Righteous isn’t a loud, bombastic film, but it does creep under the skin and nestle in the mind.” Bloody Disgusting

“Each word, sentence, look, and gesture, adding to the narrative’s mystery, tension, and complexity. And while The Righteous may play with similar themes to many of the significant religious and faith-based horrors proceeding it, the result feels fresh, innovative and creative. Its rich storytelling, beautiful direction and slow-burn horror, creating a thrilling, complex and undeniably brilliant debut feature.” Cinerama Film Online

The Righteous was written and directed by Mark O’Brien who also co-stars in the movie as the mysterious stranger. The heartbreaking darkness he brings to his character is equally focused in the screenplay and directing […] The actors deliver brilliantly intense and natural performances, the story is sharp and fascinating and the visuals are simply brilliant.” Heaven of Horror

“While the horror angle may not be explicitly scary, it is certainly effective, particularly in the ambiguousness of the concept. The ending is so strong that it makes the slower parts of The Righteous feel entirely worth the wait. The strength of a prayer, the importance of one’s worth, and the commitment to faith and structure are all vital to understanding the deeper meaning behind the film.” Josh at the Movies


The Righteous abounds in shocking revelations. Drips with grim atmosphere. And it features provocative performances from Czerny and O’Brien that you could argue are the best of their careers. It’s a quiet, psychological horror film that requires a great deal of patience and asks the audience to consider disturbing questions about faith and humanity. Because of that, it won’t be for everyone…” Killer Horror Critic

“Carried mostly by strong performances from the leads and some well-written dialogue, The Righteous won’t be for everyone. And honestly, that’s about all you should know going into it. The film’s appeal lies in the sense of dread as secrets of the past and present are slowly revealed, right up until the unsettling climax.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Henry Czerny … Frederic Mason
Mark O’Brien … Aaron Smith
Mimi Kuzyk … Ethel Mason
Mayko Nguyen … Mary Hutton
Kate Corbett … Doris
Nigel Bennett … Graham

Technical details:

97 minutes
Black and white



There is currently no trailer available for The Righteous.