90210 SHARK ATTACK (2014) Reviews of David DeCoteau’s horror drama

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90210 Shark Attack is a 2014 horror drama film about six students who are being stalked by a shalk-related entity in a luxury mansion.

Directed, co-produced and photographed by David DeCoteau from a screenplay written by Charlie Meadows, based on DeCoteau‘s story. Co-produced by Marco Colombo.

The Rapid Heart Pictures production stars Donna Wilkes (Jaws 2), Rachel Rosenstein, Braden Bacha, Jeffrey Decker (Sharknado), Jud Birza, Stephanie Shemanski and Nikki BreAnne Wells.

The soundtrack score was composed by Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th franchise).


Six entitled Beverly Hills oceanography students arrive at a mansion in Malibu, to study the local ocean waters. However, someone or something, has other, more murderous intent, as the students begin to disappear, one by one, murdered by some flesh-shredding entity, leaving wounds similar in nature to a shark attack. But how is that possible, when the nearest ocean is a half-mile away?

“The problem is, not a shred of it resembles having anything close to a passable piece of work. I pride myself on giving everything and anything a go, regardless of genre, budget or level of experience. However, I can’t see myself ever watching a film that has either David DeCoteau or Charlie Meadows name attached to it.” Adam the Movie God

“Not counting the oft-used stock footage of random sharks milling about the ocean, the actual shark attacks in the movie with “shark attack” in the title comprise about ten total seconds of screen time. By contrast, shirtless beefcakes showering and swimming in slow motion constitutes at least ten minutes of screen time.” Dread Central


“Many other b-movie and even z-grade quality flicks dealing with sharks have more entertainment worth, such as the Sharknado series, this though suffers from absurdity, unspectacular, uninteresting and thoroughly wastes everyone’s time.” The Horror Times

“For the greater part of the film, there are no sharks at all – just cutaways to marine life in the aquarium and the mystery about Stephanie Shemanski’s father who disappeared because of the Mexican shark god curse […] There is then the completely WTF moment where an upset Shemanski transforms into a shark and turns and bites off Braden’s head […] one of the great bad movies of all time..” Moria


“The whole time, we’re nowhere near the sea, and sharks are the last thing on our minds […] Shit hits the fan 47 minutes in, and it’s not pretty. It’s f-cking stupid. The creators have tricked us to believe this was worthy of the shark week tradition, and they shit all over it. Bad film. Bad, bad film.” Tales of Terror

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Cast and characters:
Donna Wilkes … Pamela
Rachel Rosenstein … Jess
Braden Bacha … Bryce
Jeffrey Decker … Tyler
Jud Birza … Denny
Stephanie Shemanski … Alyssa
Nikki BreAnne Wells … Marcie

Filming locations:
24389 Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road, Calabasas, California

Technical details:
1 hour 15 minutes
Audio: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1

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