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Nezha Reborn is a 2021 animated fantasy action film in which Li Yunxiang must settle a 3,000-year-old grudge with the Dragon Clan. Also known as New Gods: Nezha Reborn

The Chinese production was directed by Ji Zhao from a screenplay by Mu Chuan. Based on the character of Nezha from the Ming dynasty novel ‘Investiture of the Gods’. The movie is a steampunk and cyberpunk take on the story. Produced by Lu Xi.


A normal young deliveryman Li Yunxiang, though coming from the slum area, is living a satisfying life and enjoying motor racing in his spare time. But when the arrogant wealthy son of Boss De (the Dragon King) beats him down, takes away his beloved motor, and even wounds his innocent orphan sister, his deep anger turns into a blast of Truth Fire.

The true identity – Nezha, is revealed. Nezha, the God of Rebel, violent and egocentric, empowers Yunxiang, but the newly obtained uncontrollable power brings new harm to Yunxiang’s family and friends. Meanwhile, Nezha’s old enemies are seeking revenge too. Facing the twist of fate, Yunxiang has to find out his own way to become a true hero.


“While as a viewer one understands it’s a fictional fantasy world, the confusing landscape made the story look silly. The movie is a little too long, melodramatic and of-course – predictable. Although, kids who like action films might enjoy it. For adults who have already seen a lot of stories in the action genre, it doesn’t work.” Abstract AF!

“The audience will comprehend the antagonist and protagonist struggle at street level. Overall, it performs as a high action animated movie that can hold the international teen/adult audience’s attention quite well. ” Ben Meyers International Movie Critics

Nezha Reborn has a few major problems and a whole heap of minor ones. The big problems are in the pacing, writing, and editing. These conspire to give the film a near-fatal case of third-act-drag because the structure of those first two acts cruises along… and then promptly downshifts into neutral for some internal character struggles.” Parent Previews

“Running at the two-hour mark, New Gods: Nezha Reborn justifies the runtime — it’s not like it doesn’t have plenty to say, and the encouraging detail in the animation makes the viewer want to stay. It’s also helpful that the lead character Yunxiang Li/ Nezha has a personality — it’s not just the propping up of a God — he has family, friends and a love interest.” Ready Steady Cut


Nezha Reborn was made available for streaming on Netflix on 12th April 2021.


Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Nicole Fong … Dr Su Junzhu (voice)
Victoria Grace … Kasha (voice)
Jason Ko … Mask Man (voice)
Dashiell McGaha-Schletter … Tiger (voice)
Jonny Siew … Ao Bing (voice)
Harrison Xu … Li Jinxuang (voice)
Xiaoming Xuan … Long Wang
Tianxiang Yang … Yunxiang Li
He Zhang … Masked Guy

Production companies:

Light Chaser Animation Studios
Alibaba Pictures
Bona Film Group
Pop Mart

Original title:

新封神:哪吒重生 aka Xin shen bang: Ne Zha chong sheng

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