RED RIVER ROAD (2020) Reviews and overview of virus mystery

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‘How do you know what’s real’

Red River Road is a 2020 American mystery thriller film about a family in quarantine due to a virus that spreads through the internet. The virus robs victims of their ability to perceive reality — often violently –begins to unravel when they suspect one or all of them might be infected…

Written, photographed, directed, edited by and co-starring Paul Schuyler. Produced by Jade Schuyler and Paul Schuyler.

The Wytshark Media production also stars Jade Schuyler, Quinn Schuyler, Shaw Schuyler and Art Devine.



“The reading I had for the film was that it was a commentary on dementia as people’s minds start to melt away and their recollections of certain events and people become sketchy […] The concept of Red River Road is certainly promising but it does slightly lag towards its conclusion but on the flip side does pose some important and timely questions that I am sure we can relate to on some level.” Bloody Flicks


Red River Road is a slow burner, taking some time to get to its creepier, more threatening elements, with Paul Schuyler allowing plenty of time for viewers to get to know the family’s dynamics well before heading down darker paths […] The Schuyler family members all give solid performances and the production value of the film is quite impressive…” Horror Fuel

“The film cleverly dribbles out small details as the claustrophobia and tension builds. What’s real? Who’s real? Is the entire thing a dream or do they have a chance to outrun/outlive the virus? Perfectly played, Red River Road metes out just enough to keep you conveniently confused and enthralled. The Schulyer family clearly has a penchant for cinema.” The Scariest Things

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Brody … Self
Art Devine … The Man
Jade Schuyler … Anna
Paul Schuyler … Stephen
Quinn Schuyler … Wyatt
Shaw Schuyler … Sean

Filming locations:

Harwich, Massachusetts

Technical details:

89 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


$225,000 (estimated)


Shot in ten days by one family. There are multiple dolly shots that include the entire family. With no crew, the only way to achieve this was to connect the dolly to an array of ropes and pulleys that were manipulated by one of the actors in the scene. Usually using another actor to block any “giveaway” movements that would reveal what they were doing.


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