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Photocopier is a 2021 Indonesian mystery thriller about a young student trying to discover how photos of her at a party appeared online.

Directed by Wregas Bhanuteja from a screenplay co-written with [uncredited] Henricus Pria. The movie stars Shenina Cinnamon, Chicco Kurniawan, Lutesha, Jerome Kurnia and Dea Panendra.

After her drunken selfie is circulated online, Sur (Shenina Cinnamon) loses her scholarship as she is accused of bringing disgrace to her faculty. However, Sur has no recollection of the night’s events, as she blacked out when attending a college party. Her drink may have been spiked, it seems.

Determined to speak out about what happened to her, Sur seeks help from her childhood friend, Amin (Chicco Kurniawan), who also works and lives at the campus as a photocopier, to find out what actually happened that night…


Photocopier is a visually impressive movie that manages to communicate its sociopolitical comments quite eloquently, but one that would also benefit significantly from a better job in the writing department, which is essentially what strips the movie from the title of ‘great’.” Asian Movie Pulse

” …those who should be the support and hope for the female students actually take advantage of the situation, are indifferent, prioritize the good name of the campus and of course prioritize those who have “status” […] The mystery that Suryani is trying to unravel is also quite satisfying. I applaud the genre that was taken to present this film.” Dibalikcerita [translated from Indonesian]

“The setting of Netflix’s Photocopier has been kept fairly raw by director Wregas Bhanuteja […] From the time Sur decides to leave early after their play’s performance, the film holds your attention […] It exposes how the terrible society engages victim shaming. The terrific performances and writing will have you intrigued till the very end.” Leisure Byte


“I feel like this film is important because it makes us aware that it is difficult for victims to get justice, so make it easy. Help them spread the word, because that’s the most justice they can possibly get. However, if the existence of this film makes victims feel even more unfair, making it harder for them to get justice, then I think hate it if we must.” My Dirt Sheet [translated from Indonesian]

” …for the meaningful themes and stunning visuals, Photocopier works as a taut mystery Indonesian neo-noir […] Photocopier has a sinister mystery inside its shadowy, black and green lighting and exterior. Bhanuteja’s film, like the color itself that is forbidden, shines a light on verboten subjects. He tells a story in a compulsively watchable way that brings his vision of resiliency to light.” Ready Steady Cut

“Not everything works — the running time could be tighter, and a confrontation between Sur and the individual she accuses of misbehaviour is bizarrely theatrical. But terrific emotionally exposed performances from Cinnamon as Sur and Lutesha, in a key supporting role which grows in significance as the story unfolds, are an asset, as is the potent climactic scene, which makes creative use of the film’s namesake.” Screen Daily


The film had its world premiere at the 26th Busan International Film Festival in October 2021, in the New Currents competition. The film won a total of twelve Citra Awards out of seventeen nominations, including the awards for Best Picture and Best Director.
Photocopier is streaming on Netflix from January 13th 2022.

Main cast and characters:
Shenina Cinnamon … Sur
Chicco Kurniawan … Amin
Lutesha … Farah
Jerome Kurnia … Tariq
Dea Panendra … Anggu
Giulio Parengkuan … Rama
Mian Tiara … Bidan Siti
Ruth Marini … Sur’s Mother
Lukman Sardi … Sur’s Father
Rukman Rosadi … Dekan Fakultas
Landung Simatupang … Burhan

Filming locations:
Jakarta, Indonesia

Technical details:
2 hours 10 minutes

Original title:
Penyalin Cahaya

Original trailer:

Netflix trailer:

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