THE DARKER THE LAKE (2022) Trailer and release news for supernatural horror

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The Darker the Lake is a 2022 supernatural horror film about an ancient board game that unleashes a deadly curse.

Directed and co-produced by Lok Kwan Woo (White Terror; Angels Never Cry) from a screenplay written by Z Zoccolante from a storyline by Lok Kwan Woo, Yang Yang and Z Zoccolante. Also produced by Eva Oskarsdottir.

The movie stars Veronica Ferres (Dreamland; Salt and Fire), Gina Stiebitz (Dark, Unexpected), Elyse Levesque (SGU Stargate Universe; Ready or Not) Vladimir Burlakov (Iron Sky: The Coming Race; Deutschland 83).


In 1987 in St. Michael, Austria, a group of high school friends discover an ancient board game and start to play. They become consumed by their addictive new pastime. However, things turn deadly… the players start to meet a disturbing demise and the survivors vow never to speak of the game again.

Fast forward to 2021 and a spate of strange deaths – in the very same small town – have shaken locals to their core… bearing striking similarities to the events of more than thirty years ago, could the devastating events be linked?

Two detectives – with their own personal links to the area – are brought together to work on the case. When they track down those involved in the original mystery, all those years ago, things start to get complicated… With seemingly mystical forces at play, they are pulled into the dangerous and perplexing world of the game and as the stakes are raised, the danger gets perilously close to home.

With a roll of the dice will the detectives win, or will they pay the ultimate price…



The Darker the Lake will be released in the UK on Digital platforms on 21st March 2022 via (Yet) Another Distribution Company and 101 Films.

Cast and characters:

Elyse Levesque … Tamara
Veronica Ferres … Lea
Gina Stiebitz … Young Lea
Vladimir Burlakov … Lukas
Wei-Ning Hsu … Rebeka
Yu-Ning Tsao … Johnny Wang
Yulai Lü … Ming
Ludger Bökelmann … Young MAX
Valerie Huber … Sarah
Franziska Brandmeier … Hannah
Chao Zhang … Simon
Coline Atterbury … Sophie
Janae Tabony … Stephanie Müller
Eva Oskarsdottir … Captain Schmidt
Z Zoccolante … Therapist
Gwenn Wunderlich … Detective
Thomas Lackner … Grandfather


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