RIPPER UNTOLD (2021) Reviews and now with behind-the-scenes video


‘No one is safe’

Ripper Untold is a 2021 British horror film about a detective and a medical examiner investigating a series of murders in Victorian London. However, one of them harbours a deadly secret.

Written and directed by Steve Lawson (The Haunting of AlcatrazPentagramThe Exorcism of Karen WalkerHellriserKillerSaurus; et al), the movie stars Chris Bell (The Heiress; Knights of the Damned; The Curse of Robert; Haunted franchise), Jacob Anderton (I Am Vengeance: Retaliation; Tales from the Lodge; 13 Graves; Ripper 2016 short; Scarecrow 2014), Jonathan Hansler and Marcus Langford.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“The atmosphere of 19th century London is established with a moody and sometimes mournful soundtrack, small limited sets that are mainly contained to single rooms or alleyways, and establishing shots of London landmarks from the time. Ripper Untold is a low thrills horror that nonetheless had me enjoying it. I like the topic anyway and it was interesting to see how this indie thriller got around concessions to budget.” The Rotting Zombie

Cast and characters:

Chris Bell … Stubb
Jacob Anderton … Dodd
Jonathan Hansler … Locque
Marcus Langford … Constable
Phil Molloy … Rees
Dawn Butler … Miss Levine
Sylvia Robson … Elizabeth
Shady Murphy … Sally

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