GATLOPP: HELL OF A GAME (2022) 14 reviews of comedy horror and trailer: new release

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‘Hell of a game’
Gatlopp: Hell of a Game is a 2022 American comedy horror film about four reunited friends that play a supernatural board game. Also known as Gatlopp

Directed by Alberto Belli – making his feature film debut – from a screenplay written by Jim Mahoney who also stars. Produced by Leonora Darby, Sarah Gabriel, Marc Goldberg, James Harris and Mark Lane.

The movie also stars Emmy Raver-Lampman, Jon Bass, Sarunas J. Jackson, Shelley Hennig, John Ales, Amy Davidson, Patricia Belcher and Nancy Linehan Charles.


Plot synopsis:
A group of old friends reunites for a nostalgic evening of fun and games after a decade apart. After one too many, they decide to play a drinking game, but it’s quickly revealed that this game comes with supernatural stakes.


Mischief leads to mayhem, and the group realizes that if they can’t come together to win the game by sunrise, they will be forced to play for eternity – in Hell itself…

” …tries to make something meaningful about friendship with the material, laboring to blend gameplay horrors with a serious examination of relationships. The blend doesn’t gel, leaving the feature frustratingly uneven and wildly overacted. It’s a movie about a malevolent board game, but the fun factor is severely limited…” 2 out of 5,

“Gatlopp benefits from the small cast, minimal locations and even a short runtime (80 minutes); it is well-paced and the tempo never drops […] At times the characters seem slightly mismatched and the relationships don’t appear as organic as they could be, but the acting is solid across the board. Gatlopp is pure fun and well worth a watch.” 3.5 out of 5, Daily Dead

“Technically there’s nothing that stands out about the film. The dialogue is quite sharp at times with some funny throwaway lines but the lighting and shot choices aren’t very inspiring. It’s not the most original idea but it was harmless fun…” The Fright Club

“It’s a pity then, with these urbanite squabblers trapped in this sardonic challenge, that the film finally walks them down a moralistic track: a tale of secret infidelity and lessons in self-knowledge. But Belli’s supple direction – reminiscent of Edgar Wright’s pop ’n’ snap – keeps its energy levels high as it roves around the living room that is its main location…” 3 out of 5, The Guardian

“Above all else, Gatlopp is a great comedy that builds up a lovable cast of characters to root for. Game Night surely shares a couple of similarities thematically, yet Gatlopp is ultimately an original and zippy watch […] Briskly paced with the ample randomness and gotcha surprises from a real-life board game…” 3.5/5 Josh at the Movies

“It’s got a clever premise, sharp script and a terrific cast that makes all the craziness more fun than a marathon Monopoly session. Easily the crucial aspect of a group comedy is the friend dynamic. This is one of Gatlopp’s biggest strengths.” 8 out of 10, Lyles Movie Files

Gatlopp: Hell of a Game has plenty of comedy, real emotion and the twisted horror of surprise.” Movie Reviews 101

Gatlopp is a smart and exceedingly well-executed take on a familiar idea. Its sharp humor, strong cast, and unique personality make it stand out from its influences, making it one of my most pleasant cinematic surprises in recent memory […] Hopefully, Gatlopp’s wit and warmth ensure that it becomes just as well known.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“Belli does a fine job at the helm, working from Mahoney’s sharp screenplay, and he balances the fear and the funny well. The four leads are great, investing their characters with verve and making them each flawed but wholly likable. That means that the characters are well worth getting invested in […] Gatlopp is a lot of fun…” 3.5/5 The Scariest Things

In North America, XYZ Films will release Gatlopp On-Demand (VOD) and Digital on June 23, 2022.
In the UK,  Signature Entertainment will release Gatlopp on Digital on June 27, 2022.


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