KEEPING COMPANY (2021) Six reviews plus new trailer and recent release


‘Your life is our life’
Keeping Company is a 2021 American dark comedy horror film about two brash and pushy insurance salesmen who knock on the wrong door… and find themselves trapped in a stranger’s basement.

Directed by Josh Wallace from a screenplay co-written with Devin Das, the movie stars Jacob Grodnik, Devin Das, Ahmed Bharoocha and Gillian Vigman.

Sonny (Devin Das) and Noah (Ahmed Bharoocha) are two door-to-door salesmen attempting to climb the ranks within the corporate dog-eat-dog world of insurance. One day, after feeling the heat from their boss to get their sales numbers up, they cross paths with Lucas (Jacob Grodnik), an enigmatic, anti-social creature, whom they see as a potential new client.

With absolutely no regard for Lucas’ plea for privacy, they rudely force their way into his house. However, they soon find themselves trapped in his basement, incapable of escaping. As the spotlight shifts toward Lucas and his demanding grandmother, the similarities between this sinister household and the ruthless world of business begin to parallel each other…

“The message is very much a metaphor for capitalism – eat or be eaten; make of that what you will […] Keeping Company is a bloodsoaked ride with some laughs, but it doesn’t bash you over the head with them.” Bloody Flicks

“The cast is wonderful, working as a seasoned comedy team to keep the film snapping along […] Keeping Company is a delirious carnival ride at the intersection between rapacious greed and murderous insanity, and definitely worth your uncomfortable laughter.” Film Threat

“Frenetic editing adds a sense of whimsy, and the tone stays fun, campy, and ridiculous throughout. With a sprinkle of Sweeney Todd and a dash of light-hearted c@nnibalism, you really can’t go wrong.” Josh at the Movies

“At 82 minutes, Keeping Company satisfies and entertains thanks to a strong cast, tight editing and Wallace and Das’ multi-layered script […] As dark as the story gets, the overall tone doesn’t feel overly disturbing. Things do get bloody, but never excessively gory.” Nightmare on Film Street

Keeping Company is a Coen-esque comedy, its characters all larger than life and its scenarios exaggerated and absurd – but it is also, owing to a deep vein of cynicism, full of darkness and despair […] So Wallace’s humour comes with a mordant bleakness – and while his dyspeptic vision might seem confined to the fictions of satire, as one character warns us, “It’s no different out there than it is in here.” Projected Figures

Keeping Company is People Under the Stairs mixed with Glengarry Glen Ross and a jigger of Motel Hell shaken up to create a unique and refreshing horror-comedy film. The script, co-written by Wallace and Das is well done and sharply funny and all the performances are standout. The film manages to explore greed and classism without losing its sense of humor and with buckets of blood.” The Scariest Things

In the US, 1091 Pictures released Keeping Company On-Demand (VOD) on June 7, 2022.

Cast and characters:
Jacob Grodnik … Lucas
Devin Das … Sonny
Ahmed Bharoocha … Noah
Gillian Vigman … Paula
Bernard White … Mr Reddy
Andy Buckley … Frank
Suzanne Savoy … Grandma
Rex Lee … Brent
Medina Senghore … Danika
William Russ … Glen Garrey
Mary Holland … Carrie
John Milhiser … Laidback Newlywed
Bryan Safi … Uptight Newlywed
Lilan Bowden … Pregnant Lady
Biniam Bizuneh … Caste Insurance Ad Son

Technical details:
1 hour 22 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

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