THE REEF: STALKED (2022) Reviews of shark survival thriller

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‘Your deepest fear will keep you alive’
The Reef: Stalked is a 2022 horror drama film about four young women on a kayaking trip who must defend themselves from a marauding shark.

Written, co-produced and directed by Andrew Traucki (Black Water: Abyss; The Jungle; The ABCs of Death ‘G is for Gravity’ segment; The Reef; Black Water). Also produced by Jack Christian, Neal Kingston, Heather MacFarlane (line producer) and Michael Robertson.

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The soundtrack score was composed by Mark Smythe (The Possessed; Boar; Charlie’s Farm; Daddy’s Little Girl).


The Australian movie stars Teressa Liane (The Spy Who Never Dies; His Killer Fan; The Vampire Diaries TV series), Ann Truong (Hard Target 2), Saskia Archer, Kate Lister (The Final Scream; Curse of the Scarecrow; Mandy the Haunted Doll; Unhinged), Bridget Burt and Tim Ross.

After her sister’s murder, Nic, her younger sister and two friends seek solace through a Pacific island kayaking adventure. Hours into the trip the women are stalked by a shark and must band together, face their fears and save each other…


RLJE Films/Shudder acquired the North American rights to The Reef: Stalked. The film will be released theatrically, on Digital, On-Demand (VOD) and will be available for streaming on Shudder on July 29, 2022.

In the UK, The Reef: Stalked is released by Signature Entertainment on Digital from July 29th and on DVD on August 8th. A Blu-ray release follows on September 20th.

“Some of the most effective scenes occur when the women are simply existing with one another and bonding through a shared sense of loss. The conversations and heavy moments between Nic and Annie feel authentic. The dialogue and the sibling dynamic both work to make their plight that much more believable.” 4.25 out of 5, Dread Central

“Stunning ocean views mix with moments of chaos and drama as the water churns and blood bubbles up from beneath the waves. The attacks are relatively believable, not hyped-up, gore-filled scenes. It’s one of the more realistic shark movies I’ve seen […] The tension is built up well in the film, writer-director Andrew Traucki takes the time to tell this story.” Horror Fuel


“A lot can usually be forgiven in a shark movie, but when the basics of what makes a shark movie effective aren’t all that refined, it’s a total letdown. The Reef: Stalked isn’t one of the good ones, nor is it a complete wash. Whereas The Reef was more technically accomplished, this one is just… seaworthy enough.” Horror Obsessive

The Reef: Stalked is another middling mid-budget fin flick that’s tonally confused somewhere between Shark Week and Lifetime. There’s nothing exceptional nor abysmal — Deep Blue Sea 3 and The Requin respectively represent both ends of the recent subgenre spectrum there […] It’s consistently underwhelming and repetitively dull, never finding the true horrors of shark attack flicks.” IGN

” …the performances are good, the sense of jeopardy suitably uncomfortable, and the decision-making understandable […] aside from a middle-act slump and the slightly underwhelming finale Stalked is a solid entry into already infested waters.” 3 out of 5, Starburst

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Cast and characters:
Teressa Liane … Nic
Ann Truong … Jodie
Saskia Archer … Annie
Kate Lister … Lisa
Bridget Burt … Cath
Tim Ross … Greg
Wendy Mocke … Tara
Eva Mocke-Kanaki … Demi
Sophie Naime … Betty
Barney Ling … Winston
Stephen Daddow … Motorcycle Rider

Production companies:
Thrills & Spills
Filmology Finance
Cornerstone Pictures
Mysterious Light

Technical details:
1 hour 33 minutes

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