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‘The universe has a favor to ask’
Glorious is a 2022 American horror film about a man who finds himself inside a remote rest stop bathroom with a mysterious figure.

Directed by Rebekah McKendry (Elevator Game; Psycho Granny; All the Creatures Were Stirring) from a screenplay co-written by Joshua Hull, David Ian McKendry and Todd Rigney. Produced by Christian Armogida, Morgan Peter Brown, Jason Scott Goldberg, Bob Portal, Inderpal Singh and Joe Wicker.

The AMP International-Citizen Skull Productions-Eyevox Entertainment-FallBack Plan Productions movie stars Ryan Kwanten (Expired; 2067; Knights of Badassdom; Dead Silence), J.K. Simmons (Batgirl; Spider-Man franchise; The Tomorrow War; Kong: Skull Island; Jennifer’s Body), Tordy Clark and André Lamar.


After a breakup, Wes ends up at a remote rest stop. He finds himself locked inside the bathroom with a mysterious figure speaking from an adjacent stall. Soon Wes realizes he is involved in a situation more terrible than he could imagine…

Glorious had its world premiere at the Fantasia Festival in Canada before an On-Demand (VOD) release on August 18, 2022. It will also be on Shudder.

“Great casting, stellar camerawork, and a biting sense of splatstick humor make for a surprising new entry in single-location horror. There’s too much restraint regarding its lead character, undermining the punchline a bit. Still, it’s a quick and dirty tale of cosmic karma that will likely leave you squirming, cringing, and cackling in equal measure.” 3 out of 5, Bloody Disgusting

“The script manages to take an outrageous idea and make it feel human while still delivering the unhinged delights that fans of movies of this nature crave. Overall, Glorious is a great cosmic horror movie that tackles heavy themes while still being the over-the-top monster movie that many audience members need right now.” CBR


“There is a lot to like about Glorious, and while it will not set the world on fire, it blends comedy, drama and cosmic horror in a unique and innovative way. For fans of the genre, and even for people that are not horror or science fiction fans, the performances by Ryan Kwanten and J.K. Simmons along with the unique concept make Glorious worthy of your attention.” 7 out of 10, CGM Backlot

” …at times the film is a little silly, and while it’s integral to the story, particularly the ending, Wes isn’t the most likeable character to invest in, which considering he’s on-screen with little more than a talking glory hole for company, could be a turn off for some. Glorious is essentially Shutter Island in a sh*tter. A wonderfully weird cosmic horror escape room that’s as gruey and grimy as it is outlandishly funny.” 3.5 out of 5, Flickering Image

“Flashbacks are used well to contextualize him and hook the viewers. Wes is drawn to his situation by fate, which could play into larger questions of existentialism, though they aren’t explored much beyond inference. Rather, viewers are given the context and some pretty sweet effects (and gore) to drive things home.” Movieweb

” …as much as the film fills up our thoughts with contemplations of issues ranging from the mundane to earthly destruction, the minimalistic style in certain scenes shows how McKendry does not want the world-ending threats to outweigh the conversation at hand.  Most of the movie might involve a guy and a disembodied voice talking in a bathroom, but the ending lets everything get bloody and offers a couple of surprises as well.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“The best horror filmmakers appreciate the balance between excess and restraint; knowing how far to push the genre while ensuring the story stays grounded enough to keep an audience firmly on the hook. With Glorious, Rebekah McKendry (Psycho Granny) finds that sweet spot, exploring the thematic and visual boundaries of the metaphysical narrative…” Screen Daily

” …an incredible acting duet between Kwanten and the voice of J.K. Simmons as the unseen Ghat […] Both men deliver excellent performances that, along with some strong dialogue and direction, keep Glorious’ unlikely story from unraveling as it portends the end of the world or the end of one man’s world.” 5 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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