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‘When the Underworld rises… the Hunters are called.’
Dracula’s Curse is a 2006 American action horror film about a team of vampire hunters battling an evil vampire clan in the dark underworld. Also known as Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s Curse. This Asylum mockbuster was released to capitalise on Underworld: Evolution (2006).

Written and directed by Leigh Scott, very loosely based on ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker. Produced by David Michael Latt, Sherri Strain and Rick Walker. Executive produced by David Rimawi.

The Asylum production stars Thomas Downey, Eliza Swenson, Rhett Giles, Christina Rosenberg, Jeff Denton, Amanda Barton, Tom Nagel, Rebekah Kochan, Sarah Hall, Derek Osedach, Chriss Anglin, Sarah Lieving and Griff Furst.

Both Rufus King (Thomas Downey) and Jacob Van Helsing (Rhett Giles) have been observing recent attacks made upon young teenagers in the city at night. Van Helsing correctly identifies that the attacks are being made by a group of vampires residing in the city.

The vampires are led by a foreign seductress named Countess Bathory (Christina Rosenberg), who hopes to use the humans to feed her growing vampire clan and eventually seize control of the city, while at the same time using her growing power to gain the powers of “the Master”.

Discovering Bathory’s plan, Van Helsing and King begin to hunt down and destroy the vampires one by one, until they finally face the Countess herself and try to kill her once and for all, before her evil consumes the city and allows Dracula’s curse to consume the human race…

“The thing about this movie is not that the script is incoherent, but that Scott is trying to balance so many characters – some of whom have full story arcs while others get maybe a single individual scene designed to give their character some reason to exist – along with the main storylines to the point that I started having trouble following everything, and at nearly 110 minutes in length, trying to keep up…” Dread Central

“Though falling some way short of perfection, if you liked Hellsing (the anime) or Ultraviolet (the Brit-TV show), then this will probably still be of interest and is entertaining as such. But if your tastes run more to the fast ‘n’ furious style of vampire cinema which Hollywood currently prefers, then it’s likely less recommended.” C+, Film Blitz

“[It’s] the best movie The Asylum has to offer. … Scott has crafted something slick in Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s Curse. It is a perfect starting point for those wanting to delve into the low-budget world.” Horror DNA

“The martial arts fights or shoot-outs all look like rough rehearsals and don’t even get minimal assistance from, say, convincing sound effects, while the no-name actors (Giles is actually the best performer here) all give off a p0rno/soap stridency as they rattle through reams of nondescript talk. Its ambitions are mostly in thinking up its new mythology, which extends to two distinct strains of vampires – inhuman, make-up-buried Nosferatu creatures and regular folks with pointed teeth – and a history that never does get sorted out.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“Bathorly doesn’t recognize the lead as Dracula, despite us seeing a flashback where he unmasks in front of her. Was the love of your life so insignificant to you or did the writer just paint himself into a corner? If I ever had to recommend an Asylum film, I guess it might be this one. It’s stupid, but rarely that dull or unamusing.” Mondo Bizarro

“Although at times some of the acting is a bit stiff and the special effects are a bit lacking, Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s Curse … is still packed full of enough gun fights, sword fights and vampire action to deliver a ‘popcorn’ rollercoaster ride of a fun movie.” Monsters & Critics


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Film facts:
The Lord Drakulya monster that appears at the end of the film was created by Almost Human, the same effects artists who worked on the Buffy and Angel series.

Cast and characters:
Thomas Downey … Rufus King
Eliza Swenson … Gracie Johannsen
Rhett Giles … Jacob Van Helsing
Christina Rosenberg … Countess Erzebeth Bathorly
Jeff Denton … Rafe
Amanda Barton … Darvulia
Tom Nagel … Rick Tattinger
Rebekah Kochan … Trixie McFly
Sarah Hall … Sadie McPherson
Derek Osedach … Jimmy ‘The Kid’ D’Amico
Chriss Anglin … Rich ‘Nebraska’ Zulkowski
Sarah Lieving … Alex Deveraux
Griff Furst … Konstantinos
Justin Jones … Vampire
Marie Westbrook … Anastasia Ravenwood
Marat Glazer … Ivan Iwazkiewicz
Vaz Andreas … Tsorak
Jennifer Lee Wiggins … Dorthea
Vanessa Rooke … Katarina
Noel Thurman … Denise
Erica Kessler/Roby … Christina Lockheart
David Shick … Lord Treykahn
Leigh Scott … The Old One
Mia Moretti … Juditha
Joanna Houghton … Helena
Ella Holden … Abigail Johannsen
Troy Thomas … Orlock
Ruffy Landayan … Lau
Monique La Barr … Erzsi
Katayoun Dara … Lexy
Kat Ochsner … Magdalena
Crystal Napoles … Selene
Melanie Guzek … Zuzanna
Elissa Dowling/Bree … Pure Blood

Filming locations:
Chatsworth and Tarzana, Los Angeles, California

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