WIRE ROOM (2022) Reviews of action thriller with Bruce Willis and Kevin Dillon

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‘His first day as an agent could be his last’
Wire Room is a 2022 American action crime thriller film about a federal agent who must protect a criminal under surveillance from an attack.

Directed by Matt Eskandari (Hard Kill; Survive the Night; Trauma Center; 12 Feet Deep; Game of Assassins; Victim 2010) from a screenplay written by Brandon Stiefer, making his feature debut.

Produced by Noel Ashman, Randall Emmett, George Furla, Norton Herrick, Ceasar Richbow and Mark Stewart.


The movie stars Bruce Willis (Wrong Place; White Elephant; American SiegeApexMidnight in the SwitchgrassOut of DeathHard KillCosmic SinBreachDie Hard franchise), Kevin Dillon  (Hot Seat; Frank and Penelope; A Day to Die; The Blob 1988), Oliver Trevena, Texas Battle, Cameron Douglas, Shelby Cobb, Adam Huel Potter, John D. Hickman, MWW Michael Wilkerson, Amber Townsend, Larken Woodward, Faith Stowers, Bradford Norris, Sarah Schueler and Brad Mintun.

Homeland Security agent Shane Mueller (Bruce Willis) runs the Wire Room, a high-tech command centre surveilling the most dangerous criminals. New recruit Justin Rosa (Kevin Dillon) must monitor arms-smuggling cartel member Eddie Flynn (Oliver Trevena) — and keep him alive at all costs.

When a SWAT team descends on Flynn’s home, Rosa breaks protocol and contacts the gangster directly to save his life. As gunmen break into the Wire Room and chaos erupts, Mueller and Rosa make a final, desperate stand against the corrupt agents and officials who seek to destroy evidence and kill them both…

In the US, Wire Room is released on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on September 13, 2022. Rent or buy via Amazon Prime

“Willis doesn’t contribute much to the picture, and Eskandari isn’t putting in much of an effort either, going through the motions on a repetitive, dull thriller with a screenplay (credited to Brandon Stiefer) that contains no surprises, sharp dialogue, or interesting characterization. It’s just another forgettable Randall Emmett and George Furla production determined to simply be product…” 4 out of 10, Blu-ray.com

“Eskandari makes Wire Room more of a type of grindhouse film from the ‘70s, a throwback to making action – not characterization – a film’s raison d’être. But not even the action is compelling here; it’s just another means to an end, where nothing matters at all. The stakes and personalities are the artificial, ugly wallpaper that hides an utterly empty film, giving Wire Room absolutely no flavor or meaning.” 1 out of 5, DC Filmdom

Wire Room is structured poorly, giving us the end of the movie action scene at the start of the film and delivering a remarkably dimwitted and dull series of events that lead to this shootout scenario. Along the way, Willis leaves the movie to go get drunk at a bar and occasionally answer a call from Dillon’s character so he can ignore Dillon’s concerns and show up just in time for the climactic shootout.” Geeks Media

“Since Wire Room opens with a flash-forward to the whole of climactic shootout played in slow-motion, it’s not as if there’s much suspense leading up to it, anyway. Our incompetent protagonist is in good company behind the camera, too.” 1 out of 4, Mark Reviews Movies

“…the plot here feels pretty generic, and the acting is far from award-worthy. This definitely isn’t summer blockbuster material—but if you’re in the mood for some brainless action, you’ll at least get plenty of that here. With its wild range of bad acting and its basic action plot, Wire Room isn’t the kind of movie that you need to race out to see in theaters.” Nights and Weekends

“The final confrontation is compelling since Eddie is working on eliminating the threat that remains in his house […] Stiefer brings all of the characters to a conclusion that doesn’t reshape some of the choices he makes in regard to leaving certain doors open, but it’s engaging nonetheless; a phrase that summarizes the movie well.” 3/5, Voices from the Balcony

“This was very typical of a Willis film. An air of mystery and corruption followed by action scenes. There is tension which makes it watchable and I would recommend it to action fans, but anyone else would best avoid it.” 2 out of 5, Which Film

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