AFTER SHE DIED (2022) Aussie horror with trailer, clip and release news

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‘Descend into terror’
After She Died is a 2022 horror film about a grieving teenager whose father’s new girlfriend looks identical to her dead mother.

Written, directed and co-produced by Jack Dignan (visual effects artist on Thor: Love and Thunder). Also produced by Rhys William Nicolson.


The Apostle Digital production features Barbara Bingham, Greg Poppleton, Paul Talbot, Liliana de la Rosa, Ola Endress, Vanessa Madrid, Matias Klaver, Cassandre Girard, Andrew Miatov, Noah Fowler, Lorry D’Ercole, Adam Golledge, Thomas Magnum Ryan, Andrew Gobran, Annabelle Andrew, Mariah Stock and Dennis Vichidvongsa.


Plot synopsis:
Jen’s (Liliana de la Rosa) mother is dead. Her relationship with her father, John (Paul Talbot), is fractured beyond repair. Her friends, all recent high school graduates, are moving on with their lives and leaving behind the small town they once called home. Jen is, in every sense of the word, alone.


That is until John introduces Jen to his new girlfriend, Florence… a woman who looks and sounds identical to Jen’s dead mother…

“Over the years there has been a stern interest in matriarchal horrors diving into the terror within parental relationships […] however, rather than exaggerate upon already released works, After She Died thrives in its originality and exclusive pathos, warranting it to be both highly regarded in its field and as an important contribution to the entire process of independent cinema.” Dead Northern

“It doesn’t always pay off: I found the sound design to be uneven at points and some of the house locations could have benefited with some extra scenery. But ultimately, the story of the film is so engaging, so off-the-wall insane for a project of this budget that I didn’t care, I was just delighted to see a film swing for the fences like this and succeed.” Loud and Clear

“Visual horror is the film’s strongest feature. The fires that burn off and on in the background add extra unease, and a few scenes send shivers down the spine. Dignan’s understated enough with gore to keep you from looking away. His approach is effective, never overboard. Unfortunately, he can’t match imagery with an equally unsettling story. ” 2/5, Maddwolf

“Liliana De La Rosa gave a performance I won’t soon forget, the link that held this entire film together. The whole cast was remarkable, but something about her performance […] The only real knock I can find is that I wish there were more to this incredible story; while there are twists galore, the storyline is pretty straightforward.” Overly Honest Movie Reviews


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