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Poundcake is a 2023 American satirical horror film about a madman who is stalking straight white men to punish.

Written, directed, edited by and starring Onur Tukel (That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes; The MisogynistsCatfightApplesauceSummer of Blood). The movie also stars Ron Brice, Eva Dorrepaal, Pia Paez and Zarius LeGrand.

There’s a madman loose in New York City. Late at night, he stalks the streets looking for straight white men to punish. When he finds them, he kills them in unspeakable ways.

In New York City, however, nothing is unspeakable. Plenty of people in the bustling metropolis have something to say about it, especially the podcasters, who use their platforms to opine about the serial killer and his victims. Some think the victims are getting what they deserve. Aren’t straight white men responsible for a majority of the world’s problems? They run Fortune 500 companies that pollute the environment. They’ve run countries that have started devastating wars. They’ve built a system of capitalism that is racist and oppressive…


“It wasn’t funny to me. It wasn’t enlightening. It wasn’t even offensive. It was just….trying too hard maybe? And in the end, all we need is love. But I thought we learned that already in Interstellar […] I would never tell someone not to watch a movie. But don’t watch this movie.” ½ out of ★★★★★ Adam Hursey

“I’m really not sure to what audience Poundcake is aimed. Certainly Tukel is no Millennial (he appears in the film as the ‘butt’ – sorry – of the running anal sex theme) and the whole thing comes across as a bit of a mirror held up to 21st Century ‘woke’ America. Awkward it constantly is, offensive it certainly is, but you won’t be bored.” Bloody Flicks

“In terms of execution, the movie clearly shows its low budget […] However, when the script is as intelligent, funny, and engaging as this, the less-than-stellar production values can be forgiven […] Onur Tukel has made a movie that is so incendiary, so disgusting, and (dare I say) so ingenious that the world is not ready to see it.” ★★★★ Disappointment Media

“I’d be lying if I said Tukel’s film didn’t get a laugh out of me now and then. But the rare moment of effective humor doesn’t save this tone-deaf satire. Poorly paced and as unengaging as an uncomfortable SNL skit, I’m very comfortable saying Poundcake wasn’t for me. Who it is for, I just don’t know.” ★ Dread Central

Poundcake refrains from suspense-horror and the climax depends on a literalisation of New Agey ‘love conquers all’ which is plainly intended as satirically as everything else.  It’s uncomfortable, funny and also kind of sweet – which has always been the redemptive side of Tukel’s films.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea […] But, as a film meant to be a conversation starter, it does its job. There are some thought-provoking ideas here and no easy answers. Is it a home run? No. But it’s provocative, challenging, risk-taking, and unafraid to ruffle feathers. For that, I sincerely applaud it.” ★★★ Morbidly Beautiful

” …Tukel’s film is a hilarious satire of a culture at odds with itself, and struggling to “kill the beast” with a little love, some understanding, and perhaps even a community-building singalong. Everyone here, from the killer’s victims to the sideline commentators, has something to say, and somehow manages to say it in the most absurd way, as Tukel teases out the many contradictions, both external and internal, in these characters’ clashing ideologies.” Projected Figures

“The serial killer element is lost amidst endless scenes of podcasters podcasting and affected liberals bickering at dinner parties and in their bedrooms. From the endless #MeToo jokes to the umpteenth bum sex joke, the comedy element of this comedy-horror quickly wears thin. At best, it’s gratingly smug; at worst, it becomes a South Park-esque exercise in all-sides-suck-ism.” ★★★ Starburst

“The comedic moments can be hit or miss along with some scenes that felt a bit slow in the pacing. The satirical will stand out a lot compared to the horror. That said, it will work for some viewers. Overall this was a great watch.” ★★★★ Wiccaburr

Poundcake is inspired by slashers of the 80s and icons like Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Leatherface, Tukel told Bloody Disgusting “In a slasher movie, the villain murders someone every eight or nine minutes and there’s a climax where the killer is revealed and/or dispatched.” Other inspirations include Spike Lee’s 1998 feature film Summer of Sam because “David Berkowitz’s murders take place in the background as multiple narratives unfold during the movie,” and Oliver Stone’s Talk Radio.

Furthermore, Tukel wants to make sure it’s 100% clear that Poundcake is a satire. “It’s pretty obvious what it’s satirising.”


Source: Bloody Disgusting

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