THE BURIAL (2023) Reviews of low-budget horror

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‘Nothing is what it seems’
The Burial is a 2023 American horror film about a man and his girlfriend who become dragged into a murderous plot with severe consequences.

Written and directed by Michael Escalante making his feature directorial debut. The movie stars Faith Kearns, Vernon Taylor, Spencer Weitzel and Aaron Pyle.


When Molly’s boyfriend gets a phone call from his estranged brother, she thinks nothing of joining him on an impromptu family reunion at a remote cabin. However, she soon finds herself taking charge of a deadly situation when the trip’s true purpose is revealed and good intentions lead to a conflict with pure evil…


“Director and writer Michael Escalante interned at Roger Corman’s New Horizons Pictures during his last year at UCLA […] He’s obviously learned how to use his budget effectively and get the most out of what he has. The cast works together well, the suspense gets tightened up and this small movie succeeds, proving that Escalante is destined for bigger things.” B&A About Movies

“There are parts in which the film is rough around the edges in terms of plot progression as well as some dubious lines and acting in a few scenes, but as a whole package, The Burial is an enjoyable take on the possession film that will make you think twice about taking a stroll in the woods.” Filmhounds


The Burial is a great deal of fun. For a low-budget horror movie, it really makes the most of its limitations to deliver a solid, tense, fun ride from start to finish. The little touches like that intriguing opening visual and the ratcheting up the tension in the final act, gaining more and more momentum after one final inciting incident…” Horror Media

“A pretty cool piece of genre cinema that for the longest time intentionally underplays its horror undercurrents by keeping the viewer in the dark about what’s going on, only giving out hints every now and again to pretty much create suspense throughout, to eventually unload everything in a nail-biting finale that goes on quite a bit longer than expected, as in best genre tradition, death isn’t always the end.” Search My Trash


“For a microbudget film, The Burial looks and sounds extremely good with the possible exception of a couple of the outdoor night scenes […] I was going to pass on The Burial having seen way too many films with similar budgets and plots that didn’t have the ability to overcome their limitations. I’m glad I changed my mind, this is one that gets it right and then some.” 4 out of 5 stars, Voices from the Balcony

Terror Films released The Burial online on March 3, 2023.


Technical specs:
1 hour 22 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16:9

$5,000 (estimated)

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