EXORCISM (1975) Reviews of Paul Naschy Exorcist rip-off

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‘A theme that has thrilled audiences all over the world, now terrifyingly set forth:’
Exorcism is a 1975 Spanish horror film directed by Juan Bosch [as Joan Bosch] (Bloody Sect; The Killer Wore Gloves) from a screenplay co-written with Jordi Gigó [as Georges Gigo] (Devil’s Kiss) and Jacinto Molina.

The latter stars, using his screen name, Paul Naschy, alongside Maria Perschy (The Blue Eyes of the Broken DollThe Ghost Galleon; El Espectro del Terror), María Kosty (A Dragonfly for Each Corpse; The Night of the Sorcerers; The Dracula Saga), Mercedes Molina [as Grace Mills] (The Werewolf and the Yeti), Jordi Torras, Luis Induni, Roger Leveder, Joan Llaneras, Marta Avilés, Juan Velilla and Florencio Calpe.

A young woman (Grace Mills) participates – unknowingly – in a satanic ceremony and becomes possessed by the spirit of her late father. A priest (Paul Naschy) must save her from evil…

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“When Father Naschy isn’t busy making coffee or collecting “odd” things, he’s trying to help this very dysfunctional family and eventually performs a classic exorcism (he even hallucinates a rubber snake popping its head through the kitchen faucet!). There is some uninspired gore and nudity, and several ensuing murders occur to keep the thin plot moving along…” DVD Drive-In

“In a plot more concerned with sensationalism than character, the director pours on mood and pseudo-psychological arguments, taking full advantage of conventional supernatural underpinnings to squeeze tension and shock from his lewd story and themes.” SGM

” …the third act is a fairly pitiful Exorcist rehash distinguished only by some quite good horror make-up applied to Molina. That the film is a fearful reflection on modern youth is made obvious when the resident police inspector equates streaking (!) with Devil worship…” Jonathan Rigby, Euro Gothic

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“The picture blatantly rips off The Exorcist only at the very end, during Father Dunning’s exorcism of Leila, which is executed much the same way though the make-up effects are impressively creepy for such a modestly-budgeted film, especially its use of demon-eyes contact lenses and the vividly conveyed implication that Leila’s body, fully-possessed, is rotting into putrid meat like a corpse.” DVD Talk

“It opens well enough with a satanic orgy unfolding on a beach, evocatively filmed through torches. And there are a few striking compositions here and there (usually involving the rites and demonic iconography) courtesy of DP Francisco Sanchez. But this film is competent, and that’s about it. Eventually it becomes a rather dull series of expository scenes…” I’m in a Jess Franco State of Mind

“From the dried face and transparent slime running from her lips, to the nasty eye lenses, this is just awesome and very well-made. If you turn your expectations down a little bit and doesn’t expect gore and nudity, Exorcismo is a decent and cozy Spanish horror-thriller with a very fine performance by everyone, and Naschy in the front row of course.” Ninja Dixon

“Viewers hoping for a satanic shocker are likely to be disappointed. Overly talky, Exorcismo offers few big moments, but they are there […] Atmosphere comes less from director Juan Bosch than composer Alberto Argudo.” Flick Attack

“Generally entertaining (if too subtly paced), this picks up some steam towards the last half hour and culminates with the girl’s obligatory showdown with the cloth. Good possession makeup during the finale.” The Terror Trap

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