Free Horror Movies: O

Oasis of the Zombies – Jess Franco, France, 1981

An expedition searching for treasure supposedly buried by the German army in the African desert during WWII comes up against an army of Nazi zombies guarding the fortune…

Classic Movies

The Old Dark House – James Whale, 1932

Internet Archive | A Touch of Evil

One Body Too Many – Frank McDonald, USA, 1944

Stars Jack Haley, Jean Parker and Bela Lugosi

Internet Archive | Reclusive Films

The Ouija Possession – Luis Carvalho, USA, 2016

Cast: Brinke Stevens, Jocelyn Padilla, Nicole Lasala, Ryan Boudreau, Rob Roy, Cesar Pereira, Aaron Peaslee, James Barrett

Teens unwittingly conjure the spirit of a dead ancestor, who stalks them from another realm…


Outpost: Black Sun – UK, 2012


The Oval Portrait – Rogelio A. González – USA – 1972

Starring Wanda Hendrix, Barry Coe, Gisele MacKenzie

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