FROST GIANT aka ARCTIC PREDATOR (2010) Reviews and overview

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Frost Giant – aka Arctic Predator – is a 2010 made-for-television American science fiction horror feature film directed by Víctor García from a script by Rafael Jordan. The UFO Films production stars Dean Cain, Steven Waddington, Lucy Brown and Louisa Clein.


A dedicated explorer and his team search for a 19th century shipwreck off an island in the Arctic ocean.

After the team digs up an alien ice creature that has been buried in the ice for over two hundred years, the creature kills the explorers to gain energy needed to return to it’s original…


“What makes Frost Giant all the more disappointing is that there is nothing glaringly wrong with the film aside from it being blandly assembled and frequently tedious. The plot is pedestrian, the characters are stock, the dialogue is perfunctory, and yet the script is never worse than adequate.” Dread Central

“Amid a veritable tsunami of rank cliché and banal rip-off, there is actually one genuinely good idea fighting to be noticed. It turns out the sailing ship that Cain searches for was captained by his distant relative, so there is a nice story arc about his life paralleling that of his forefather.” Exploding Helicopter

“Admittedly the monster looked like crap and whatever CGI was substituting for in this movie was clearly CGI, such as the snowflakes falling from the sky. If you can’t make realistic snowflakes then we are all in trouble. The performances turned in by the cast were good enough to get us through this thing, though nothing was all that spectacular.” Film Critics United

“Even the introduction of a different monster isn’t enough to rescue this frost-bitten flick from breaking apart. The ‘frost giant’ in question is hardly a giant and is little bigger than an ordinary man. Rendered with CGI, the monster is about as good or as poor as you’d expect it to look in something like this.” Popcorn Pictures

Frost Giant basically takes a half hour to get going and once the monster finally does start killing people, all of the deaths are exactly the same. This wouldn’t have been so bad if all of the kills were gory, but the victims just turn into human popsicles. Dean Cain does what he can with such crappy material, which admittedly isn’t much.” The Video Vacuum

Cast and characters:

Dean Cain … J.C.
Steven Waddington … Hasslein
Lucy Brown … Sedna
Louisa Clein … Shayla
Louis Johnson … Mackey
Laia Gonzàlez … Reyes (as Laia Gonzalez)
Mike Johnson … Gates
Iliana Lazarova … Nataliya (as Iliana Lzarova)
Mike Straub … Chandra
Hristo Mitzkov … Desmond
George Zlatarev … Dimitri (as Joro Zlatarev)
Atanas Srebrev … Ross
Erbi Ago … Cameron (as Erby Ago)
Donald Anderson … Hoppner
Terry Randall … Captain William Parry
Atanas Opulchenski … Aubrey
Alexander Nikolov … Ridley
Velizar Binev … Blake
Ivo Simeonov … Renfrew

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