Coffin Bank – toy



The Coffin Bank is a horror-themed piggy bank that seems to have first been made by Yonezawa Toys (also known as Yone) in Japan in the 1950’s and were a staple of toy shops all over the world for years.

Wind the mechanism, put a coin in front of the hand, press the button and jump out of your skin as the hand whirrs into action to grab the booty. Because “you can’t take it with you” … (money can be retrieved via a slot in the underside of the toy).
The Coffin Bank has been manufactured until the present day. Over the years the fabric sheet “hiding” the skeleton’s arm and hand was been replaced by a plastic cover. Some older models also had a “glow in the dark” skull and skeletal arm. Reviews for most recent models are less than kind, mainly critcising the gripping power of the skeletal hand.
coffin new
Overwinding the mechanism could lead to amusing results:

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