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Panic Beats – original title: Latidos de pánicos – is a 1983 Spanish horror feature film starring Jacinto Molina (more commonly known as Paul Naschy) which he also directed. It is a belated sequel to the 1972 film Horror Rises from the Tomb.

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Paul Marnac (Paul Naschy) and his infirm wife Geneviève (Julia Saly) move to his childhood estate in the French countryside. The estate is also the site of the castle inhabited by Paul’s ancestor Alaric de Marnac, who was known for brutally slaughtering anyone whom he suspected of infidelity. There is a legend that Alaric rises from the grave to continue his deeds.

The estate is currently inhabited by Paul’s aunt Maville (Lola Gaos) and cousin Julie (Frances Ondiviela, billed as Pat Ondiviela). Soon after Paul and Geneviève arrive, mysterious things begin to happen. Geneviève begins to wonder if the legend about Alaric is true…

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“Well performed by its small cast and ably directed by Naschy (who knows how to get mileage from a limited budget), the film nevertheless stumbles on occasion due to some awkward expositional dialog and a few key scenes which go on much too long for their own good.” Brian Lindsey, Eccentirc Cinema

“While Panic Beats is one of Naschy’s best explorations into human motivation, it’s definitely not a ‘feel-good’ movie — it is an unpleasant story about unpleasant people doing unpleasant things. Don’t expect a happy ending!” Denetia Arellanes, The Mark of Naschy


“Overall, Panic Beats is plenty entertaining. Part soap opera, part semi-modern day gothic horror film, it moves along at a reasonably solid pace, contains a fun performance from the leading man, and makes the most out of its sets thanks to some wonderful cinematography and eerie lighting.” Ian Jane, Rock! Shock! Pop!

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  1. You can’ beat the team of Paul Naschy and Juila Saly, easily the best leading man/leading lady act in Spanish Horror. Lots of fun with some nice little directorial touches by Naschy. Too bad this was the second and final film to feature Alaric De Marnac. We needed a Waldemar Daninsky vs. De Marnac film. Love the evil defeats evil ending.

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