JERSEY SHORE SHARK ATTACK (2012) Review and overview


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‘Your worst fears will surface’

Jersey Shore Shark Attack is a 2012 American comedy horror film directed by John Shepphird (Chupacabra Terror) from a screenplay by Michael Ciminera and Richard Gnolfo. It stars Paul Sorvino, Jeremy Luke and Jack Scalia.

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Many years ago, hundreds of locals and tourists were massacred by giant man-eating sharks in the infamous 1916 Jersey Shore attacks. But that’s just a legend… or is it?

It’s a holiday weekend on the Jersey Shore and, unbeknownst to anyone, underwater drills have attracted dozens of albino bull sharks to the pier. When a man goes missing, TC (The Complication), Nookie and friends fear the worst and plead with the police chief to close down the beach. It isn’t until a famous singer is eaten alive during a performance on the pier that the shark hunt begins.


Now, the Preppies must work together with the Guidos in order to save the Jersey Shore and its inhabitants from another vicious slaughter…

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The film premiered on the Syfy channel on June 8, 2012. In Japan, it was released on DVD as Jaws Return.



“The film takes its lead from the remake of Piranha (2010) and plants its tongue entirely in cheek. Quite a bit of the running time is spent poking fun at the caricatures of guidos and guidettes (although given the preponderance of Italian names on the credits, one wonders whether this is not so much parody as a celebration of a certain culture). There is some hilarious dialogue.” Richard Scheib, Moria

“Dumb but fun and genuinely amusing, Jersey Shore Shark Attack gets a firm thumbs up. The CGI is horrendous but its the “human factor” that shines through in this one. The guidos are lovable and the parody elements surprisingly dead-on. Check this one out.” Horace Cordier, Rock!Shock!Pop!


Jersey Shore Shark Attack has a lot of fun moments like that; unlike a lot of its fellow bad shark movies, it has a knowing sense of humor and earns a bunch of intentional laughs (for example, one of the sharks is repeatedly referred to as “the shark that killed Joey Fatone”). By the time the film came down to a bunch of glorified bronzed mannequins wielding a small cache of military grade weapons, I was howling.” Brett Gallman, Oh, the Horror!


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Jersey Shore Shark Attack is played mostly for laughs, and while its over-reliance on other shark flicks starts to become a little tiresome by Act III, there was clearly a little-cockeyed enthusiasm when this micro-budget monster movie was being cobbled together, and enough of that attitude seeps through into the final product. This is not a good movie, but it’s a bad one with a small dose of actual charm.” Scott Weinberg, FEARnet


“This movie was a lot of fun and, like the best film parodies, it was very smart about being stupid.  Let’s put it like this — if you’re criticizing this film for having silly dialogue, terrible special effects, and bad acting, you’re missing the point. Add to that, the acting isn’t that bad. The film’s stars do a good job at capturing the “personas” of their Jersey Shore counterparts…” Lisa Marie Bowman, Through the Shattered Lens

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Main cast:

Paul Sorvino, Jeremy Luke, Jack Scalia (Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep; Red Eye; Silent Predators), Joey Russo, Daniel Booko, Melissa Molinaro, Alex Mauriello, Joey Fatone, William Atherton, Audi Resendez Ihlen, Tony Sirico, Grant Harvey, Dylan Vox, Ben Giroux, Gabrielle Christian, Leigh Rachel Faith.

Filming locations:

Redondo and Venice Beach, California, USA
Seaside Heights, New Jersey, USA

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