AMERICAN BACKWOODS: SLEW HAMPSHIRE (2013) Reviews and overview

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‘Something cold, something blue, something borrowed, something slew.’

American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire – aka Slew Hampshire – is a 2013 American horror film produced, written and directed by Flood Reed. The movie stars Dayo Okeniyi (The Hunger GamesTerminator: Genisys), Michael Todd Schneider (August Underground’s Mordum), Jeremy Isabella (Ghoul), and Gaya Verneuil.


In June 1994, one of the most brutal mass slaughters in history occurred in the woods of northern New England.

Four months later, history is about to repeat itself. What begins as a humorous comedy of errors quickly becomes a Darwinian gorefest, and what unfolds is a cerebral yet repulsive journey through the history and nature of humanity and civilisation.

With four distinct clans vying for supremacy and survival in the woods of New Hampshire, less than 24 hours will pass before a slew of lives have been claimed and the last of the living remains…


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“It’s a unique movie that you won’t feel unfamiliar with, and that’s just one of its many tricks. Slew Hampshire actually requires you to think about it after its done, and how often does that happen with movies that essentially show themselves to be shlock horror? This is shlock, exploitation, creature feature, teen comedy and Darwinism, all trapped in the middle of the woods. So basically – fun, a little confusing and reeks of filth.” Film Bizarro


“Overall this wasn’t a bad film, it had a lot going for it, and quite trippy in places, but the lack of empathy I had for the main cast, the meandering middle, and the confusion over the wild men subplot was slightly off-putting. It is hard to deny the fast-paced sometimes schizophrenic editing appealed to me though, gave the film a spark of life and urgency.” The Rotting Zombie

“It does feel like the film goes on a bit too long and that there’s quite a bit of ‘filler’ that could have been edited out with no effect on the film.  There’s also no character that you can really get behind.  You’ll just be watching to see how everybody dies.  And there are also too many characters while the film becomes a bit all over the place. There’s definitely some fun to be had with American Backwoods and gorehounds will enjoy it the most.” Wight Blood


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