3-D Monsters – magazine, USA, 1964

‘Horrific! Scarifying!’

3-D Monsters is a 1964 one-off American magazine from Fair Publishing. It featured ten pages of blurry movie stills and images of Aurora model kits. The remainder consisted of a few short articles. A pair of “free magic glasses” was included.

Fair Publishing was a Myron Fass imprint; his other horror-related publications included Horror Tales (1969–1979), Thriller (three issues, 1962), Tales from the Tomb (1969–1975), Tales of Voodoo (1968–1974), Terror Tales (1969 – 1979), Weird (1966–1981), Witches’ Tales (1969–1975).

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  1. 3D glasses were the in thing to have in the 1960s. I remember some kids fainting after having watched a 3D horror movie!

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