Gray Matter – Canada, 2017 – reviews

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‘Earth’s time is running out’

Gray Matter is a 2017 Canadian science fiction horror feature film written and directed by Greg A. Sager (Kingdom Come; The Devil in Me). The Matchbox Pictures production stars Alys Crocker, Tara Elizabeth and Michael G. Wilmot.

Since the 1940’s alien beings known as “Grays” have been sighted around the globe with the thought that they visit our planet to study our species and civilization before they eventually invade… but what if we’re wrong? What if they are only here to protect us?

After a meteorite crashes to earth awakening the extraterrestrial creature within, a young woman is abducted by an alien “Gray” to aid in hunting down and destroying the creature before it can reach a second meteorite that fell to earth decades earlier unleashing its deadly infestation of earth…

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“The parasites are kind of cute when on their own but once attached to their hosts they just look like oversized plastic lobsters […] It has a very distinct whiff of Invasion of the Body Snatchers about it which I quite enjoyed. With a great horror aspect to it as well it makes for some great messy gore scenes. It’s not particularly clever or taxing on the brain but it is quite fun.” Sarah Budd, Horrorscreams Videovault

Main cast:

  • Alys Crocker (The Door; Tormented; ABCs of Death 2, segment: ‘Utopian’)
  • Tara Elizabeth
  • Michael G. Wilmot
  • Jay Dub
  • Shawn Swain
  • Lucas Hazen

Filming locations:

London, Ontario, Canada

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