BEAST BENEATH (2007) Reviews and overview


‘Born from a terrifying true tale…’

Beast Beneath – aka The Wrath – is a 2007 American horror feature film directed by Julian Higgins (Poker Run) from a screenplay co-written with Bertie Higgins. It stars Kristina Morales, Daniel Bonjour and Bertie Higgins.

The film is erroneously listed twice on IMDb as both The Wrath and Beast Beneath. In the UK, it received a DVD release in 2010 as Wolfman.

A large ranch, in the area now known as Griffith Park in Los Angeles, belonged to Don Antonio Feliz in 1861. The Don’s best friend and a greedy attorney stole the property by orchestrating an illegal will at the Don’s deathbed.

After unsuccessfully contesting the will in court, the Don’s blind niece, Petranilla, invokes a curse that remains to the present day…

Two young lovers are horribly mutilated and murdered in Griffith Park. Meanwhile, Angelina Feliz, a descendant of the Don, finds a map showing a hidden treasure underneath the park. Unfortunately, it seems that a terrifying creature guards the treasure deep in a cave. Those who come close to the cave [Bronson Cave] meet an untimely, bloody death…

“Monster movies often live or die by their titular terrors – suffice to say that the less we see of this particular hairy scary, the better […] Even so, if you’re feeling less than discriminating and are in the mood to watch a modern day ghost tale with a lycanthropic spin, plus a dollop of Southern Californian history on the side, this just might serve the turn.” Aaron Christensen, Horror 101

” …the prosthetics work is okay. The creature isn’t spectacular but it isn’t painful to look at. Kind of an interesting beast, visually speaking. It isn’t really utilized very well, and all of the killing scenes look like gentle nuzzles […] The rest of my issues lie within the dialogue. It’s really bad.” Rooster Illusion Reviews

Main cast:

  • Kristina Morales
  • Daniel Bonjour
  • Bertie Higgins
  • Roy Vongtama
  • Joel Bryant
  • Kurt Sinclair
  • Eddie Hedges
  • Tom Hippler
  • J.D. Rudometkin
  • Luis Fernandez-Gil
  • Tenelle Cadogan
  • Francisco Javier Gomez
  • Rhett Nadolny
  • Jessica Barbery
  • Bill Devlin

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Filming locations:

Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, USA


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