BAGMAN (2017) Reviews and overview



‘Paper or plastic? The choice is yours.’

Bagman is a 2017 Canadian comedy horror feature film directed by Logan Wilson and Phillip Wilson from a screenplay by the latter, who also stars alongside Maya Molly and Gary Layton.


A man named Bagman wears a paper bag mask and kills people for not recycling plastic…


“Thought it was fantastic. The humor was hilarious. Deadpool references were great. Loved the fact that Bagman is like Deadpool, but not. Silly concept about some guy killing people for not recycling, but it works.” Liam Pains

“The authenticity of the filmmakers’ joy permeates the entire film like a set of boobalicious honey buns. Thus, while it’s not high on gore, special effects, or even decent acting, I recommend that everyone with a Canadian sense of humor get stoned and give Bagman a watch.” Modern Horrors

Cast and characters:

  • Phillip Wilson … Bagman / Aden Papes
  • Maya Molly … Jenley Plast
  • Gary Layton … Staven Plast
  • Jessy Mossop … Pelly
  • Lee Savage … Detective Dangler
  • Alice Creed … Naya Papes
  • Lydia Adair … Erica
  • Lori Beaudin … Bara Plast
  • Sid Sharma … Tyke
  • Ash Gordey … Martin Papes
  • Grant Jones … Dangler
  • Quinn Klaver … Garage Man
  • Elizabeth Kelly … Dana Plast
  • Kathryn Lazarick … Saran Wrap Lady
  • Austin Long … First Date Guy

Technical credits:

100 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Audio: Stereo

Filming locations:

Edmonton and Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

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