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‘Some things are better left unseen’

The Sighting – original title Paper Dolls and released in the UK as Black Forest – is a 2007 horror film produced and directed by David Blair and Adam Pitman (The Triangle) from a screenplay co-written with Adam Stilwell. The Badfritter production stars Kent Harper, Gill Gayle and Adam Pitman.


One year after seven local students are inexplicably murdered at a lake house party near the Canadian border, recent high school grads Travis and his buddy Nate plan a celebratory road trip to Canada.

While cutting through the woods at night, the two friends are savagely attacked by mysterious creatures and Nate is dragged off leaving Travis- to run for help.

After Travis’s efforts to save Nate end up in the death of Nate’s brother, Chris, the police begin to investigate the events surrounding the deaths…

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“Don’t skip The Sighting. We don’t see enough highly entertaining low budget horror films. This little beast makes big things happen with a small wallet and a pair of powerfully pumping hearts. Kudos go out to David Blair and Adam Pitman. Job well done.” Matt Molgaard, Addicted to Horror Movies

” …this is the best Sasquatch film ever made but it’s so much more than that. The Sighting is a beautiful contribution to independent cinema that tells a compelling story that even without Sasquatch would demand viewers’ attention.” Brad Slaton, Terror Trap

” …it’s the overall vision of Paper Dolls as a complicated jigsaw puzzle that makes it so unique in the canon of Bigfoot films – and all the more puzzling that it has received such scant recognition and/or distribution. It deserves both in wide measure…” David Coleman, The Bigfoot Filmography

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” …takes full advantage of its sylvan Montana setting. Directors Pitman and Blair are able to take the trees, fog, and meandering roadways and weave them into an unrelenting secondary menace. Very much akin to Blair Witch, the woods in Paper Dolls seem impossibly huge, endlessly dark, and composed of living, breathing shadows.” DW Bostaph Jr., Dread Central

“To sum up, Black Forest is not a good film, and at times it’s barely a competent one. Poorly scripted and equally poorly acted, you’re left with the impression that this was made by a group of friends who had a script, got some money and some equipment and went out to fulfil their dreams of becoming filmmakers.” The Metal Head, Geek Devil

“Budget limitations get in the way more than once here, most notably with the creatures, but it goes well beyond the expected narrative to deliver some interesting story turns. It’s ultimately a better indie thriller than Bigfoot movie. The original title, Paper Dolls, is better though.” Rob Hunter, /Film

Main cast:

  • Kent Harper … Doctor Mitas –DeteriorationIntuition; Haunted Forest
  • Gill Gayle … Officer Domain – Grimm (TV series); Death TunnelPrehysteria!
  • Adam Pitman … Travis Brooks
  • Nathaniel Peterson … Nate Conway
  • Sarina Hart … Officer Radley
  • Rian Jairell … Chris Conway
  • Jaime Perkins … Jen Lilly
  • Tony Hernandez … Bill Brooks
  • Life Noell … Officer Stilwell
  • Andra Carlson … 911 Dispatch
  • Jasmine John … Rachel Redwood
  • Adam Stilwell … Darren Summers – The Triangle (co-writer); Holidays (production designer)
  • Lynn-Wood Fields … Kristen Cahill
  • David Blair … Car Passenger
  • Angela Millhone … Car Passenger

Filming locations:

Montana, USA

Film Facts: 

  • A working title was Travis
  • This film should not be confused with the 2015 movie Black Forest directed by David Briggs or the 2012 film of the same name by Patrick Dinhut.

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