THE BARN (2018) Reviews and overview


‘Fear what’s inside’

The Barn is a 2018 American-French horror feature film directed by Matt Beurois from a screenplay co-written with Auregan, who also co-stars. The Yucca Prime/Various Content production also stars Ken Samuels, Guillaume Faure and Piper Lincoln.


A serial killer strikes Sugar Grove, Virginia. A rising journalist comes to town to cover the story: her investigation will soon lead her to the town’s darkest secret…



“As a director, Matt Beurois manages some nicely atmospheric night scenes. But the script he co-wrote with Auregan, (who also plays one of the zombies) is often more concerned with run of the mill drama […] Both writers are French, maybe it was written in French and something was lost in translation?” Voices from the Balcony

The Barn was released on Blu-ray and DVD by Gravitas Ventures on September 4th 2018.

Cast and characters:

Guillaume Faure … Benjamin Clarkson
Karen French … Lauren Blum
Ken Samuels … Gil Perry
Piper Lincoln … Melissa Crawford
Auregan … April Blum
Yannik Mazzilli … Earl Perry
Olivier Nelli … Farmer Three
Hadrien Berthaut … Chad Sandmans
Arnaud Devineau … TBC
Pierre Bismuth … Bernie Sandmans

Fun Facts:

This film should not be confused with 2016 film of the same name directed by Justin M. Seaman.

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