BLEEDING STEEL (2017) Reviews and overview

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‘The fate of mankind lies in the heart of one’

Bleeding Steel is a 2017 Chinese science fiction cyberpunk action film written and directed by Leo Zhang. It stars Jackie Chan, Show Lo Nana, Ou-Yang Nana, Erica Xia-Hou, Callan Mulvey and Tess Haubrich (NecromancerWolf Creek; Alien: Covenant).

While tracking down a deranged, mecha-enhanced villain, police inspector Lin (Jackie Chan) discovers that a geneticist’s lost bio-chemical invention has been surgically implanted into his missing daughter. With the help of a young hacker, Lin connects the dots between the device that haunts his daughter, his enemy’s sinister army, and a strange cultural phenomenon called Bleeding Steel.


” …suffers big time from identity crisis as it shifts tones quite chaotically, which makes it inconsistent, along with the messy plot, but in terms of entertainment, “Bleeding Steel” is a brainless fun, worth seeing for the exciting stunts, fast-paced fight scenes, cool special effects, and the fantastic shooting locations in Sydney…” CineMarvellous!

“It is hard to say which is worse, the hodge-podge screenplay or the continuity-challenged editing. Yet, Chan remains steadfastly committed to the chaos, every step of the way. As a result, it is all sort of fun, in a stupid, meathead kind of way.” J.B. Spins

” …it’s impossible to completely write off Bleeding Steel. Watching the 64-year-old Chan dangle off the side of one of the Sydney Opera House’s iconic shells is proof that the actor can still provoke awe with his stunt work. It’s an authentically thrilling moment in an action film that adopts the philosophy that suspension of disbelief is given and not earned.” Slant magazine

Having been released in China on December 22, 2017, Bleeding Steel was released by Lionsgate Premiere in select theaters and on VOD on July 6, 2018.

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