OUIJA DEATH TRAP (2014) Overview


‘Once inside, stay alive’

Ouija Death Trap – former title Spirits – is a 2014 American paranormal horror feature film produced, edited and directed by Todd Sheets (Clownado; Bonehill Road; Sleepless Nights; Goblin; et al) from a screenplay co-written with Amanda Payton, Johnnie Reed and Wayne Whisenant. The Extreme Entertainment production stars William Christopher Epperson, Jessica Hopkins, Dakota Lassen and Raven Reed.


High school student Raven decides to reconnect with her elementary school friends Kota, William, and Jessica by bringing them to her new workplace, the legendary, and allegedly haunted, ShadowView Manor. They decide to attempt some amateur paranormal investigating, however after playing with a Ouija board, the teens discover that the stories are true and spirits they have awakened are very real…

Cast and characters:

Ouija Death Trap was unleashed on DVD in North America by Wild Eye Releasing on November 27, 2018.


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