DEEP IN THE DARKNESS (2014) Reviews and overview


‘A quiet town. A Deadly secret.’

Deep in the Darkness is a 2014 American horror feature film directed by Colin Theys (Dead Souls; Remains; Banshee!!!) from a screenplay written by John Doolan (Splitting Image; Assault of the Sasquatch), based on Michael Laimo’s novel of the same name.

The Synthetic Cinema International – Chiller Films production stars Dean Stockwell, Sean Patrick Thomas, Blanche Baker and Kristen Bush.

The soundtrack score was composed by Matthew Llewellyn (Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear; Dead Souls; Remains).


Doctor Michael Cayle (Sean Patrick Thomas) thought leaving the chaotic life-style of New York City behind for the quiet, small town of Ashborough would bring his family closer together.

Soon after arriving, however, he discovers the town’s deepest secret: a terrifying and controlling race of creatures that live amongst the darkness in the forest behind his home…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Ultimately a few campy moments, some decent acting (especially Thomas), and unsettling visuals aren’t enough to keep Deep in the Darkness from being too bland to be memorable.” Bloody Good Horror

Deep in the Darkness has a few isolated (sorry, no pun intended) scares along the way, but it’s so rote and simply recycles any number of hoary tropes that it can never really work up much momentum […] Performances are generally quite good for this sort of entertainment…” 

“There are enough holes to make Deep in the Darkness a bumpy ride. The film requires a forgiving audience to take the turns with shock-absorbing struts […] Choose to do so and there is enough to appreciate in the acting and in the idea to make for an entertaining spin in territory familiar…” Culture Crypt

“Somehow, a brood of humanoid monsters fails to inspire much more than a shrug—turns out maybe it’s familiarity that kills beasts, especially when a film hardly bothers to shroud them in mystery. Everything about these creatures is illuminated, meaning few surprises are in store…” Oh, the Horror!

“A few cheap but fairly effective jump scares and a competent cast prevent Deep in the Darkness from being a total time waster. Thomas […] is a solid lead, and Stockwell is an old pro who knows how to deliver an ominous speech and make it sound convincing.” Shock Till You Drop


Deep in the Darkness offers absolutely nothing new or appealing. What started out as promising ended up devolving into a tired and pointless retread of better films. I understand that original ideas are hard to come by but they could have at least tried to make it entertaining.” Wicked Horror

Cast and characters:

  • Dean Stockwell … Phil Deighton
  • Sean Patrick Thomas … Doctor Michael Cayle
  • Blanche Baker … Zellis
  • Kristen Bush … Cristine Cayle
  • Steven A. Miller … Sam Harper
  • Anthony Del Negro … Tyler Deighton
  • Dina Cataldi … Joanna Harper
  • Cara Loften … Lauren Hunter
  • Azumi Tsutsui … Isolate
  • Jerry Dwyer Jr. … Isolate
  • Yanina Hope … Isolate
  • Ron Komora … Sheriff Andy Godbout
  • Jacqui Denski … Dying Cerpdas / Isolate
  • Christina Costello … Isolate
  • Kathleen Huber … Mrs. Farris
  • Marty Gargle … Rosy Deighton
  • Athena Grant … Jessica Cayle
  • Jon Denski … Isolate
  • Chris Dimoulas … Isolate
  • Joey Johnson … Isolate
  • John Trent … Alpha
  • Murphy Betancourt … Isolate
  • Bastian … Page
  • David Weindel … Joe Skehan
  • Kyle Durand … AJ
  • Eva Marie Wasko … Isolate

Filming locations:

East Haddam and Moodus Village, Connecticut

Technical details:

  • 100 minutes | 88 min (TV)
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1