NETHERWORLD (1992) Reviews and overview


‘There is a place between Heaven and Hell.’

Netherworld is a 1992 American supernatural horror feature film written (as Billy Chicago) and directed by David Schmoeller (Puppetmaster; Crawlspace; The Seduction; Tourist Trap), based on a story co-written with executive producer Charles Band. The Full Moon Entertainment production stars Michael Bendetti, Denise Gentile, Anjanette Comer and Holly Floria.

The special effects makeup was created by Mark Shostrom (The Mutilator).


A young man arrives at his father’s mansion in Louisiana to discover that a secretive cult is using winged creatures to raise the dead to do their bidding…


“Though some ideas are basically variations on scenes from famous horror films, Netherworld is very much its own film. It quite often keeps you guessing before the surprise ending, all the while having that certain charm that every good Full Moon movie has […] The effects are good and although the blood doesn’t flow frequently, it certainly flows well when it does make an appearance.” Oh, the Horror!

” A good movie could have easily come from the makings we have here, but instead I only got one hazy shot of a man bird and a couple of good moments with the flying stone hand. Not that those moments are anything to marginalize. They’re worth the price of admission…” Silver Emulsion Film Reviews

“The problem with the bulk of the movie is that our hero spends an hour learning about shit we were already privy to in the first ten minutes. There is no suspense in these scenes and the pacing is sluggish. Thankfully, things perk up quite nicely in the finale.” The Video Vacuum

Cast and characters:

  • Michael Bendetti … Corey Thornton
  • Denise Gentile … Delores
  • Anjanette Comer … Mrs. Palmer – Dead of Night (1977); The Baby; Night of a 1000 Cats
  • Holly Floria … Diane Palmer
  • Robert Sampson … Noah Thornton – The Dark Side of the Moon; Robot Jox; Re-Animator; City of the Living Dead; Fear No Evil (1969)
  • Holly Butler … Marilyn Monroe
  • Alex Datcher … Mary Magdalene
  • Robert Burr … Beauregard Yates, Esq. – A Return to Salem’s Lot ; Ghost Story (1981); Tattoo; The Possession of Joel Delaney 
  • George Kelly … Bijou
  • Mark Kemble … Barbusoir
  • Barret O’Brien … Teen Boy
  • Michael Lowry … Stemsy
  • David Schmoeller … Billy C.
  • Candice Williams … Child #1
  • Robert LaBrosse … Bar Fighter
  • Darlene Molero … Hoyden-Harridan
  • Linda Ljoka … Nona
  • Kelsie Chance … Nude Man
  • Helga Cavignac … Nude Woman
  • Marilyn Fornet … Match Woman
  • Nicole Barron … Nude on Coffin
  • Jessica Carvin … Child #2
  • Gregg Brazzel … Man Thrown in Pond
  • Thomas Bradford … Boat Man
  • A.C. Santa Cruz … Dancer #1
  • Adolfo García … Dancer #2
  • James Locascio … Gun Man
  • Michele Ladner … Masked Woman
  • Gloria Richardson … Woman in Tub #1
  • Helena Kramer … Woman in Tub #2
  • Stanley Watson … Drummer
  • Troy Turner … Guitar Player
  • Harold Scott … Bass Player
  • Nancy Buchan … Violin Player
  • Cynthia Carriere Cynthia Carriere … Girl in Mirror
  • Judith Weber … Ghoul #1
  • Samone Arrington … Ghoul #2
  • Patrick Mendelson … Ghoul #3
  • David Bryan … Cameo appearance
  • Edgar Winter … Cameo appearance
  • Terence Rosemore … Bouncer (uncredited)

Technical details:

87 minutes
Ultra Stereo

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