BELOVED BEAST (2018) Reviews and overview

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‘A Holbrookian horror’

Beloved Beast is a 2018 American crime horror feature film about a young girl befriends a dangerous escaped mental patient after the death of her parents.

Written and directed by Jonathan Holbrook (Monsterland 2; Tall Men), the Chronicle Factory production stars Sanae Loutsis (The Parish; Friday the 13th: Vengeance; The Black String), Jonathan Holbrook, Joy Yaholkovsky, Elizabeth Rhoades, Morgen Johnson and Andrew Tribolini.


Nina (Sanae Loutsis) is only twelve-years-old when she loses her parents in a car accident. Now living with her aunt, Nina is no longer in the best of company. Escaping into her imagination and into the woods, she meets a strange, masked man.

He should not have been brought home. Now, his murder spree is just getting started with Aunt Erma (Joy Yaholkovsky) and the local townsfolk…


Indican Pictures is giving Beloved Beast a limited theatrical release, before launching on DVD and Digital platforms.

On October 11th, this epic horror feature will show in Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. Several filmmakers will be in attendance at the Los Angeles screening and provide a Q & A, after the film. As well, Beloved Beast will show on DVD and Digital platforms on this same date.


“Jonathan Holbrook has taken the world of horror and spun it into something truly distinctive and unique with Beloved Beast […] Starting from the perfecting casting by Holbrook to the Special Effects make-up done by Ret Harrison, to the Artwork illustrated by Alexi Angelo; this film had so many amazing touches to it.”

“This film is an indulgent, fatty piece of storytelling that conveys in three hours, a story that could have filled 80 minutes. The culprit is not the detailed plot, which I found to be entertaining enough. No, this film is the victim of its own ambitions and a painfully slow pace that would make Meet Joe Black seem short.” Film Threat

“Switching easily between horror film and ultra-gritty crime thriller that’s occasionally dipped in delirium, Beloved Beast is one of the most heady, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining movies I’ve seen in the last ten years. Its only flaw is its length — at almost three hours, the ending is stretched out way longer than necessary…” HK and Cult Film News

“Acting here is memorable enough to leave this film with a few performers worthy of great things […] In all, as mentioned before, the movie needs to be trimmed down to a tight hour and 1/2 to better appeal to the masses with short attention spans. A unique crazy experience chock full of chaos and bloodshed!” HNN

“In a way, it’s a slasher blended with Beauty and the Beast motives, wrapped in crime drama and peppered with twisted small-town Americana – and the outcome is like nothing you’ve ever seen, a sick modern-day fairy tale (sick in a good way) that’s certainly not for the squeamish…” Search My Trash

“Credit Holbrook with holding it all together and especially with resisting the temptation to go over the top with some of the film’s more exploitative elements […] Some will complain the plot spends to much time setting up, it does stay interesting as all the pieces are put in place. It could have probably trimmed 10 or 15 minutes but it’s surprisingly tight and engrossing for its length.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • Sanae Loutsis … Nina
  • Jonathan Holbrook … Milton Treadwell / Harvey
  • Joy Yaholkovsky … Erma Ritz
  • Elizabeth Rhoades … Sydney Lemay
  • Morgen Johnson … Paul Delaware
  • Andrew Tribolini … Chief Marchesi
  • Earl Gray … Ash
  • Tabitha Bastien … June
  • Dave Shecter … Lowell
  • Paul Sobrie … The Belgian
  • Luke Schuck … Eugene
  • Jeff Barber … Harv
  • Ty Anderson … Narrator
  • Meredith Binder … Iva Treadwell
  • Lance Caver … Bartender / Thug

Technical details:

173 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

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