BITE NIGHT (2020) Reviews and overview


Bite Night is a 2020 British horror feature film about a group of gig-goers invited back to a house by three strange young women.

Directed by Maria Lee Metheringham (Pumpkins; The Photographer 2: Inside the Dark Room) from a screenplay co-written with Will Metheringham (director of Snuff Reel; The Photographer: Inside the Mind of a Psycho), the Great Northern Productions movie stars Dani Thompson, (Pandamonium; I Scream on the Beach!; Cute Little Buggers; et al), Maria Lee Metheringham (Mask of Thorn; Attack of the Adult Babies), Rachel Brownstein, Martha Niklas and Marcella Edgecombe-Craig.


Three beautiful female singers tantalise a group of alternative rock gig-goers with their enchanting voices. They become the lucky guests or rather victims of the house of Valice. However, the tables turn quite suddenly when the ladies realize they are in fact the unfortunate victims of the madness which they themselves created…


“One startling reveal during the dinner scene and the first appearance of a grotesque creature are well crafted but linger for a beat too long. Picky observations perhaps, but a tightening of these scenes would make these very well done moments that much more effective […] It’s as unpredictable as it is entertaining.” Morbidly Beautiful

“Now Bite Night sure isn’t a film set out to re-invent vampire cinema – but that said, it’s really good at what it had set out to do, and that’s just telling a thoroughly entertaining genre story that seems to always have a twinkle in the eye without ever going the moronic route…” Search My Trash

” …almost nothing is explained. The film is, to use her words “surreal and ridiculous all at the same time.” It’s somewhere between a dream, a nightmare and by the end, a slapstick farce […] If you can deal with the slow spots and the bizarre plot Bite Night is a fun film.” Voices from the Balcony

Choice dialogue:

Tash: “All we need is for Herman Munster to appear.”

Cast and characters:

  • Dani Thompson … Sandra
  • Maria Lee Metheringham … Zuzanna
  • Rachel Brownstein … Valice
  • Marcella Edgecombe-Craig … Tash
  • Martha Niklas … Katarina
  • Mj Dixon … Punk – director of Cleavers: Killer Clowns; Bannister DollHouse; Legacy of Thorn; et al
  • George Walker … Ebeneizer
  • Will Metheringham … Punk
  • Kian Pollard … Ronnie
  • Peter M. George … Biffa
  • Sherry Macchio … Punk
  • Helena Clegg … Punk Girl Two
  • Donna Newing … Punk
  • Nick Hardy … Punk
  • Jerry De Borg … Barman Dee

Working title:

Party of Valice

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